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Zack Edward & The Professor - Carnaval (Original Mix)

Bo Pericic (of Filo & Peri) has enjoyed a career that is thickly laden with achievements. Discovered on his 18th birthday by trance phenomenon Armin…

Written by Michele Hann-Kang April 11, 2014

Hidden Treasures Vol. 008

You'll never know what you're going to find here, but we promise you that it's quality production and the selection will always be wide.…

Written by Michael Miles April 11, 2014

Cosmic Gate Announces 'Wake Your Mind' Radio

Wake Your Mind. These three words turned from a rally cry to their fans into an acclaimed artist album, a social media sensation and most…

Written by Alexis Greenwood April 10, 2014

Gasmilk Slows Down With Indie Summer Cruise Tunes

Nothing says summer cruise tunes quite like fresh California Indie pop. Oakland boy Gasmilk must've known this to be true; he timed his latest releases…

Written by Darby Bundy April 14, 2014

Dada Life: "Born To Rage" Never Sounded So Good

Recently Dada Life were in the news for Stefan's unfortunate hospitalization, so we are happy to see some more positive news coming from Dada Land.…

Written by Lizzy Weibling April 08, 2014

Matisse & Sadko Release 'Sigure' Out On DOORN Records (Spinnin')

Matisse & Sadko Brothers Alexander and Yury, better known by their stage name Matisse & Sadko, recently unleashed their newest big room…

Written by Nick Johnson April 05, 2014

Kraftwerk Reschedules For Seattle After Canceled Sasquatch Show

The new 3D experience for Kraftwerk's shows is a one-of-a-kind experience. After Sasquatch canceled its second weekend in July recently, Kraftwerk is…

Written by Nick Johnson April 02, 2014

Why It's Time You Rediscover Trinity Nightclub

People think lots of things about Seattle's Trinity Nightclub. It's the hip-hop club. It's the Top 40 club. It's ghetto. It's the only real "nightclub."…

Written by Glen Sears April 01, 2014

Boots On The Ground At WMC: Yacht Party With Cosmic Gate & Friends

Just beyond the gates of Ultra sat a boat docked in Bayfront Harbor waiting to take off on a four-hour trip into the coastal waterway.…

Written by The DMNW Team April 05, 2014

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Infected Mushroom: A Rock Rave Experience Like No Other (Exclusive Interview)

The second you set foot into the Showbox Market for Infected Mushroom’s third Seattle appearance inside of a year, it was immediately clear that this wasn’t your typical show. Dressed-to-the-nines patrons present at any number of club nights were replaced by a crowd with everyone from metal-heads to ravers. Hula hoops, LEDs, and outlandishly cool outfits made up the demographic, something you can bet the men of Infected Mushroom Erez Eisen and…

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What The Festival – Artist To Watch For: Robot Koch

Berlin, Germany native Robot Koch has been making quite a name for himself as a producer playing festivals across Europe, Asia, and Russia and now into the US. And finally, this summer, he is jumping across the pond and showing the Pacific Northwest what he is all about at What the Festival. With his first track coming onto the scene in 2001, Robot Koch has been laying down beautiful, ethereal…

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Hardwell, Dyro & Dannic Take Over The East Coast On Their First US Bus Tour

Last week the Dutch house mafia began their newest journey. Revealed Records owner Hardwell and his two label mates Dannic and Dyro began their take over of the East coast for their first ever US bus tour. Following up to their epic Canada bus tour last year, they’ve ramped up event production and are showcasing an obscene amount of new music. Especially from Hardwell, we can only assume he’s begun…

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The Freestylers & Fast Eddie Get Groovy With Remix EP For “The Sound”

The Freestylers, made up of Aston Harvey and Matt Cantor, are not at all new to groovy house music. With their newest original mix, The Sound, that shines through in spades. In the late 90s they discovered their mutual love for hip-hop, electro and beats. Coming out of London, UK, together they have covered all aspects of the genre for a decade and a half. For their newest effort, the duo…

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Relive Lucky 2014: Darude Unleashes Live Set

We can’t seem to remember the last time any artist released their live set from a Seattle massive.. probably because it has NEVER happened. So this comes as an extra special treat to all of us who attended Lucky 2014 and also for those who missed out. Darude has just released his thrilling live set from the St. Paddy’s Day massive at WaMu Theatre, and my, oh my, does it ever shock a volt of energy into our mid-week slump.…

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Jimi & Sherry Deliver Electrifying Preview Of ‘Trouble’

Enter Jimi Frew, Australian producer, and protégé of Tommy Trash. Today he comes to us with his new electro-house preview of Trouble. But hold, on, still can’t place Jimi? Maybe you’ll remember his previous release, mainroom track, Jungle Khat, which was featured on David Guetta’s DJ Mix 182. Jimi has gained the support of other big time producers as well, including Dyro, Tiësto, and Dada Life; even Hardwell, voted the…

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Fresh, Local, And Live from Space! [Win Tickets]

The feeling of excitement and pride that sports fans get when their local team wins the championship game is the same feeling that the DMNW team gets when local talent puts on a world-class show. Because there’s nothing like that homegrown pride, DMNW is dedicated to getting you the dirt on the talent, especially when it’s unique from anything we’ve ever seen or heard of, anywhere. Live from Space! is just that kind of experience, and it’s brought to us by some of the freshest talent in the PNW.…

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Infected Mushroom: A Rock Rave Experience Like No Other (Exclusive Interview)

The second you set foot into the Showbox Market for Infected Mushroom's third Seattle appearance inside…

April 16, 2014

What The Festival - Artist To Watch For: Robot Koch

Berlin, Germany native Robot Koch has been making quite a name for himself as a…

April 16, 2014

Fresh, Local, And Live from Space! [Win Tickets]

The feeling of excitement and pride that sports fans get when their local team wins…

April 15, 2014


Terravita & J Rabbit Set To Rock Fez Ballroom (Win Tickets) - DMNW

Spring has arrived and that means it’s time for Terravita to hit the road for…

April 12, 2014

MitiS Set To Touch Down At Fez Ballroom in Portland [Win Tickets]

Joe Torre, or better known as MitiS will be bringing his musical talents to Portland,…

April 15, 2014

Pemberton Music Festival Lineup Better Than Coachella's?!

When word was confirmed that Pemberton Music Festival was resurrecting from the ashes this year,…

April 10, 2014


Syn Cole Set To Release Electic 'Miami 82' Remix Package

We love us some good summer anthems and sure enough it seems as though Syn…

April 08, 2014

Music With Your Hands: Imogen Heap's New Invention

What if we told you that by simply waving your hand, you could make a…

March 23, 2014

Get More Out Of Your Drums With Tail Compression

Compressors and their proper use are integral to good production. This much we know. EDM…

March 22, 2014

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