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The Story of a House Fan in Awe Of Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond recently played two sold out shows at the Roseland Theater for their Common Ground Tour, and within minutes I understood why they sold out two nights so quickly. There were fans of trance in the Portland area, especially Above & Beyond. My love for EDM has mostly been house, but I always felt that trance could get me hooked if I had the right experience.

When I heard that Above & Beyond was coming to Portland, I knew I couldn’t miss them. Having never attended a trance show, I was extremely interested in what so many people talked so highly about. They were the best of the best, and if I was going to experience trance, I had to experience Above & Beyond.

As much as EDM is one, each genre has its own thing that makes them, well them. As we waited in anticipation for Above & Beyond I tried to take in what trance was, who the people were, what make this genre its own. EDM prides itself on being open minded, and a place where everyone can feel welcome. That has never been so true as it was at this trance show.

The trance community seemed to truly welcome everyone. There were young people, older couples, men in slacks and people in onesies, but the sense of being together for the music was beyond anything I had experienced. These people were ready to love on Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond took the stage, and there was not a single person not paying attention to the stage. Phones and signs went up to capture the moment and their attention. Each track had amazing lights, lasers and sound. Above & Beyond were going to take us on a  journey, and the Roseland was the best place to do it.

They had phases of colors and moods, from red, to blue, to green, to grey and finishing off with pink, and red. My favorite was green with the breaking bad reference and the ending with confetti, and a fan getting to push the button. I had heard of fans being able to push the button before, but getting to experience the excitement that came from all fans was amazing. Everyone was genuinely excited for each other.

Though Above & Beyond did not speak much, I have never felt so much appreciation. Their transitions and messages were all by text and written out in real time. This made everyone in the room focus on a message and feeling together. It made the room be so present in the moment.

Being a house fan, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I understand why Above & Beyond is spoken so highly of. They appreciate their fans, have amazing music, and truly want everyone to have a good time. Going in, I may not of known what to expect, but leaving I was beyond grateful for the experience, the music and the journey Above & Beyond took us all on that night.

What is your favorite thing about trance? Let us know in the comments below!

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