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Getting Lucky With Aly & Fila: DJ Magic At Its Finest (Exclusive Interview)

It’s almost festival season and a lot of us are preparing by buying tickets, making travel arrangements and planning for an amazing summer. Many people travel to festivals around the country, with each festival offering a unique experience. One thing that can take away from a great festival is hearing the same track over and over again from various DJ’s. This is something that although shouldn’t be the norm, can be hard to fault a DJ when it happens, as they are trying to bring a certain style or experience to each unique location around the world.

So when an artist an artist can have a consistently good show every time, it’s time to take note. It’s something that artists such as Above & Beyond tend to do with great effect. You could say Aly & Fila are similar in this regard, at least if you were to ask various trance groups around the world. We sat down with Fadi from Aly & Fila and talked about playing Lucky, the new Aly & Fila album, his style of playing, and his top clubs to DJ.

[divider]Getting Lucky[/divider]

As we sat down with Fadi in his hotel room, you couldn’t tell he was tired from his 11 hour trip. “I just arrived and checked in. This is my very first Lucky performance and I’m very excited to play here in Seattle.” This just a few hours before he’s scheduled to perform at Lucky, so it was going to be a long but well-worth it day. Lucky was only a few hours away and he likely needed rest, but Fadi ended up putting on an amazing show for those fortunate enough to catch his set. He even made time beforehand to do a meet and greet with some of the members of the Seattle Trance Family. Of course, both the artist and the fans were ready for an unforgettable night.

Aly & Fila - Lucky 2015 Interview

Fadi of Aly & Fila met up with the Seattle Trance Family before his set at Lucky 2015

[divider]Chilling Out After The Other Shore[/divider]

Following the massive success of their album The Other Shore, Aly & Fila went back into the studio The Chill Out (currently out and available now). This new album is different from the typical Aly & Fila releases defined by their high energy, 138-style trance. Instead, it follows a relaxed, slower style. Basically, it’s full classic Aly & Fila tracks with smooth sounds to soothe the mind and soul.

“We wanted to create an album that could appeal to trance fans that might not necessarily like the harder styles of trance. Hopefully with this album those trance fans that might not have listened to our music before will now have something they can listen to that isn’t high BPM trance but still has the Aly & Fila sound.”

Even dedicated fans of trance have their preferences. Some prefer the intense energy of high-BPM music, while others prefer slower, vocal/progressive trance. Since this new album is full of classic hits remixed in a different way, Fadi hopes it can attract new listeners with its different approach to their classic style. For Lucky’s performance however, he was planning on bringing the Aly & Fila sound we know and love back to Seattle.

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