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Anomaly Music Collective Drops Otherworldly ‘Groove EP’ [Review]

Anomaly Music Collective

Anomaly Music Collective has been living up to their vision of tearing down genre walls and promoting up-and-coming artists. Considering the mark the collective is making on the electronic scene, it’s hard to believe that they are just over a year old. They have been showcasing their talent in Anomaly Collective takeovers at the Baltic Room, and have been steadily releasing an onslaught of new tunes for their followers to enjoy.

Their newest release, (released a mere two months after their Tidal EP) the four-track Groove EP showcases tracks that are quite different from each other. The EP showcases a lot of local talent, with tracks from artists like Dimibo, Faraday, Kid Bass and Samaha!

The EP has a solid start in it’s first track Darknet, produced by progressive psytrance trio Dimibo. The track starts out with an alien-like melodic tune that peaks, then the high-energy bass line comes in. This track is the longest one on the EP, clocking out at 9.5 minutes, but trust us … you’ll be gripping your seat as you wonder what Dimibo are going to do next, as the laser guns and punchy bass lines take over your mind.

The next track Desyre, produced by progressive house artist (and Foundation Club Resident DJ) Faraday starts off melodic and a high-energy bassline drops in out of nowhere, turning the track into a sure club hit. Faraday chops up the vocals and spreads them throughout the track, and the low-key drop he uses is amazing.

The third track is More Noise by Kid Bass, who certainly lives up to his name. It’s of a different offering than the others, switching out synths and vocals for a hard-hitting baseline that will trigger a fit of headbanging. The rises and drops that echo through the track are like a chorus, with echoing vocals leading the charge.

The track Obelisk by Samaha has a deep and dark world feel to it. The subtle rises and falls of the track will have it’s listeners falling into a trance while they follow the amazing journey the music is. Samaha has never been shy about sharing his love for music, and that resonates clearly in this track.

The Anomaly Collective certainly didn’t disappoint with their new addition to their ever growing onslaught of releases. Watching the growth of this amazing group of people has been amazing and we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

What was your favorite track from the Groove EP? Share your responses in the comments below!

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