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Are You Motivated? Psymbionic Is!

psymbonic motivate mo.ti.vate 2016

On the seventh of this month (January), Synchronize held a release party for Psymbionic and his MO.TI.VATE mixtape. Here at DMNW, we take our hats off to Synchronize for bringing some of the biggest names in genre-defying dance music here to the northwest.

The evening was focused on more than the music alone. There were many artists doing live art pieces accompanying the music – or perhaps vice versa. And what event is complete without crystals, pendants, beautiful wire wrapping, and tie dye? For all things crystal, Crystal Addictions had a beautiful collection that were for sale. Cosmic Cove had some of the coolest tie dyes you’ve ever seen, seriously some of the patterns were truly impressive and surely took a skilled technique.

It was truly a magical vibe created at the venue, which was a smaller place, Chop Suey. The intimate setting seemed to transport you to what you’d expect at a festival like show. Big name headliner, live art, vendors and awesome people. Also we’d like to add that this show, though it was at a smaller venue, had a decent crowd that still left one with ample space to really get into a groove.

JellyFyst started the evening with some tasty sounds that were wavy wisps of whimsical sound that permeated one’s being, much like water filling the crevices of cracked ground. This transitioned smoothly into Mugsy, whom had a style that seemed to posses. It felt impossible, at times, to not find yourself moving to the music. Mugsy finished up and let Rob Noble take the stage who had a great set which was more reminiscent of a drum and bass sound. All of this led up to the “main” event which was Psymbionic’s mixtape release. And though it started off with a little detour (malfunctioning equipment) people’s spirits were not affected negatively and the vibe was understanding. Music quickly resumed and Psymbionic had the crowd moving and grooving to his sound.

The night was a tranquil, yet, heavy one. For us it was a prime time to reflect on what this last year had presented in terms of music, art, culture, etc. And though it may have been easy to find oneself feeling nostalgic for things long past we also found ourselves filled with feelings of anticipation for the things yet to come.

All in all, it was a great way to end the first week of this new year 2016. It truly lived up to the mixtape’s name, MO.TI.VATE. We are excited to catch more of Synchronize productions show this year and are motivated to see some changes in our own lives manifest themselves this year. We hold on with great excitement to see the changes in our society as a whole as the dance culture starts to permeate it and become more prominent in it.

The dance culture extends beyond just music and dancing. It is a lifestyle and brings a potent mentality to wherever people are tuning in. So hope to see more of you tuning in and maybe help be the change that our world so desperately needs. We’re motivated and ready, are you?

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