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Prepare For Transcendence: The Bliss 2017 Artist Guide

Markus Schulz, Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone and more!

USC Events awakened the delight of the Pacific Northwest’s trance scene last year with the debut of Bliss: the first, and only, trance massive in our region. The inaugural lineup was no slouch either: Giuseppe Ottaviani Live 2.0, John O’Callaghan, Paul Oakenfold and more helped treat us to a night of love, music, and unity. When the calendar flipped to 2017, we eagerly awaited the announcement of Bliss’s return. When the announcement happened, and the lineup was revealed, our jaws dropped. If you love trance, or want to learn more about it, Bliss: Transcendence is something you won’t want to miss. Here’s a preview of what you can expect from this year’s performers:


The Queen of Trance is set to grace Seattle with her presence, and we don’t have to wait long to see her in action; she’s currently set to open the night! Hailing from Slovakia, Nifra calls her style of music “progressive trance with balls”, a style that has received support from some of the biggest names in the genre. Perhaps her biggest cheerleader is Markus Schulz. Since joining Schulz’s Coldharbour Recordings, the two have worked together on many occasions- whether it be on a song, or performing a back-to-back set. Schulz influence is evident; listen to a Nifra track and a Markus Schulz track. Sound similar? If you like Schulz, you won’t want to miss Nifra‘s opening set!

Menno De Jong

Not feeling the Queen of Trance? Let’s try the tallest trance DJ in the world! Standing at a towering 6’8″, Dutchman Menno De Jong is just as big in the trance community. In addition to working as a DJ/producer, De Jong serves as the A & R Manager of In Trance We Trust, one of the most famous labels in the genre (co-founded by trance Tiesto back in the day). De Jong, like Nifra, leans toward the progressive side with his sound, but, recently, has added a touch of tech and psy- an example being the single posted above. The difference between the two artists? De Jong can scale things back to create classic, melodic songs. Expect a well-rounded trance experience during his set.


When Sneijder takes the stage, be ready to go on a journey through the darker side of trance music. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Sneijder has been one of trance’s fast risers in recent years. He has releases on some of the biggest labels in the genre, and collaborations with Giuseppe Ottaviani, Aly & Fila and fellow Irishman Bryan Kearney (who will also be performing at Bliss), to name a few. His sound is more progressive, but, like Menno De Jong, he’s added some elements of psy to his arsenal- a common trend in today’s resurgent trance scene. His sets are fast, hard-hitting, and often dark. Check out his Bliss guest mix for a little taste of what’s to come!

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