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Has The Bob White Theatre Met Its End?

From its first movie screening of “The Thief of Bagdad” to its closure in the 1980s, the Bob White Theatre has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years. Whether or not you have been a part of its rich history, the old venue certainly has left a mark on those within the community. Its recent revival and reopening is a big reason why.

Nick Storie helped give the theatre some new life when he purchased it in 2012, but his vision came with varied results when community events became a smaller part of the mix than originally planned. The biggest draws (and most prevalent) came through EDM shows, working with Pulsar Productions. Anyone remember Space 3: The Neon Trilogy with Schoolboy? Perhaps you were at Love Machine 2 with Mantis? With popular draws like these, it seemed clear the theater was ready to build off of the momentum it had recently created and give fans a reason to come back. Unforeseen troubles have kept the dream at bay however, and its final days may be numbered with an impending sale on the way, much like we have seen in the past.

The current General Manager (Nick Haas) is the one responsible for the latest push to keep the historical building up and running. Along with hosting concerts and shows, his plan is to feature regular movie nights as homage to the theatre’s original purpose and be available to music and theatre groups for rehearsal. While highly commendable, Haas’ search for private investors and community support has so far been met with much difficulty.

There is little time to spare, with literally weeks until the current owner will look elsewhere for a buyer, but a few initiatives have been put in place to help raise money along the way. The good people at Pulsar Productions and Bass Remedy Events (with special help from Alex Lightspeed and Jared Prophaze) will be hosting their fundraiser, Bob White 4 Lyfe, this Saturday, March 21st for anyone able to attend. Besides supporting a great cause and catching a ton of local talent, it may be your last opportunity to see a show at The Bob White Theatre, depending on how things turn out. Make sure to check the Facebook event page here for details!

If you are unable to make it out this weekend, an Indy Go Go fund has been started to benefit the cause as well. There is still a long way to go, but every bit of help counts.

Will you be attending? Were you present for any of the shows the venue put together in recent years? Let us know and feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and concerns below!

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