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Patrick Rachel Talks About Newly-Christened Caffeine Music Group (Interview)

We recently had the opportunity to talk to Patrick Rachel, aka UltraBlue, and hear about his recent merge. He launched Appointed Recordings in 2013, and now is part owner of Caffeine Music Group with Aaron Waters and John Husser. Their three companies, Fuzion Four Records, Appointed Recordings & Caffeine Music Group merged, and are now operating as a hybrid cooperative. “The company houses all the labels under one roof, yet each label owner retains their ownership of their original label.” This will allow all companies to combine their experience, and provide their talent and consumers the best product and experience.

Each company that makes up Caffeine Music Group brings something different to the team, which in turn will provide the best services locally and globally. “The elements fit well together. The longevity of Caffeine, the network of Fuzion Four & the high volume of Appointed.”

What makes Caffeine Music Group different?

“Among the 18 labels we operate we have added several distribution labels. The distribution labels come from all corners of the world. From the USA, Mexico to Australia. Our main focus on distribution is to offer the cooperative atmosphere that our company is about, however we give the distribution labels all the tools, software & support at no additional charge. Which is uncommon to find these days”

They also focus on both well known names, as well as up and comers. Whoever it is they want to provide, “a path with support that can be scarce to find in the music industry.” They understand that change is impossible to avoid and they would like to provide their artists a place, “to get started or have a home for their existing established label under our distribution.”

The Northwest has some of the best local artists and Caffeine Music Group plans on focusing on artists, as well as consumers. As an artist you can have your music heard by several people with only the press of a button. All you have to do is send your demo to, and from there your demo will be heard by 18 labels. They provide consumers a catalog of music that may not of been easily accessible to them. This allows consumers to widen their personal music catalog, expanding their education and taste.

Caffeine Music Group plans on continuing to go forward when it comes to technology as well as their artists, while still continuing to “deliver the best of the best Trance, Progressive, Commercial EDM, House and break beats to the Pacific.” When it comes to technology they are “adding new streaming services to making publishing services more available than ever to Artists & Labels. As we evolve into a streaming world, we plan to be on top of the new technology & have discovered new paths of market reach along the way.”

We are so excited about this, and think that everyone will thrive from it. What do you think of this recent merge?

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