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Deadmau5 Debuts His Amazing New Cube Stage in Seattle [Review]

Deadmau5 made his way to the Northwest recently, and we were so happy to experience his show. The sound, visuals, and opener were awesome. It was a set that you could dance to, or just sit and enjoy. It was a show that you almost needed to see twice, once for the music, and once to take in the cube and all the visuals.

Chatter about the show had actually started nights before. When Deadmau5 learned that the WaMu (venue) wasn’t going to be allowing mau5heads into the show he took to Twitter to voice his opinion and his plan to change that decision. He succeeded. Many people came in sporting their original mau5heads thanks to Deadmau5, and they were awesome.

We did not really know what to expect when we showed up to the venue, but we knew there was a new cube. We wanted to go in with a pretty blank slate, and it was worth it. We were expecting long lines and crazy security, but were pleasantly surprised when it took us only a few minutes to get in, and no more than 10 minutes to get a drink (this was the beginning of the night, lines did get crazy long).

Feed Me kicked off the night and he was the perfect opener. He did a good job of getting you in the right musical space for Deadmau5. His set had punchy kicks you really felt. If the music didn’t get your attention, the pure volume of his set would. It was loud, but sounded amazing. Some venues sound worse if they get too loud, but this was not the case at the WaMu. The audio sounded clear.

After Feed Me, there was about a 20-minute break before Deadmau5 took the stage. With all the talk of the stage and cube, they showcased and reveled it perfectly. They started the set off with the cube behind a screen, then they began outlining the cube. When the drop hit so did the screen, and there was Deadmau5 on the top of the cube. He went in between wearing his mau5head and not, and witty comments were throughout. His set had definite sections, but then went together so well. He had you experiencing many feelings throughout the night.

Deadmau5 was on our bucket list of producers to see, and he exceeded our expectations. Now we only hope that if he comes to a city near you, you too can experience the new cube.

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