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DMNW On The Road: Taking The Northwest To The Northeast, Pt. I

DMNW On The Road: Going East

Over the last year our Seattle nightlife has grown far beyond anyone’s expectations. With both Foundation and Q Nightclub opening just over a year ago, the city has seen a musical evolution like we wouldn’t believe. Paradiso is going on its third year, Sasquatch continues to thrive, and all the while there’s hardly a weekend in Seattle where there isn’t something interesting going on. Despite all this, we’re still largely a fledgling nightlife town when measured up against the rest of the country. New York City on the other hand, has been doing this since the days of Sinatra.

New York City at Night

The sun goes down and New York City wakes up.

For those of you who haven’t experienced The City That Never Sleeps, let’s just say it didn’t get that nickname from ending its night at 2am. People here are in it for the long haul once their Friday night begins, typically stumbling into bed around 5am, only to do it all over again come Saturday. It’s that perfect storm of bars not closing until 4am, multiple clubs booking headliner-tier artists almost every night, and a city that features a diversity that would make a melting pot seem like a lame metaphor.

One intrepid team Dance Music Northwest team member, (henceforth to be referred to in the 3rd person because that’s just how he rolls), is here in NYC for the weekend to paint you a picture. That picture will show you firsthand just what it’s like when a West Coast raver accustomed to falling asleep soon after Foundation’s hard 1:45am curfew is exposed to the sleep deprivation and insanity of an East Coast nightlife he doesn’t fully grasp or understand.

Webster Hall in New York City

Our journey begins at Webster Hall in the East Village tomorrow night

Come with us on his journey, from the highs of him feeling predictably fantastic around 12-1am, to the lows of his third Red Bull wearing off around 4am as he deliriously wonders how an entire city manages to do this on a nightly basis. Clubs will be explored and streets will be wandered, as our soon-to-be hilariously exhausted correspondent will inevitably attempt to figure out the witchcraft that is an underground public transportation system functioning after 10pm. The adventure kicks off tomorrow night at Webster Hall in the East VIllage with Lucky 2014 artists Candyland and Kill Paris, and we hope you’ll join us as Dance Music Northwest goes Northeast for the weekend.

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Pop culture junkie, dinosaur enthusiast, and proud Managing Editor. While an avowed basshead, has been known to be ever-so-slightly trance-curious under the right circumstances.

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