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Five Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2019

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Full albums may be becoming rarer as time goes on, but there are more than a few we are looking forward to in 2019. Thankfully, great works from the likes of The Glitch Mob, Koan Sound, Chromeo, Elohim, and more from 2018 have momentarily held us over. While those are great, plenty of top-notch tunes are on the way next year.

There’s nothing quite like new music. When that new music comes in the form of a cohesive collection of songs, the emotional connection to those songs can last a lifetime. With the artists slated to release new albums next year, we’re expecting some of those exact connections to be made.

Based on the details we have now, however few and far between, these five albums will have EDM fans of all kinds waiting with bated breath for their release in 2019.


There has been talk of Skrillex releasing his second career studio album for awhile now. His debut album, Recess, came out in March of 2014. He followed that up with his collaboration album with Diplo, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü, in February of 2015. Although we’ve been waiting for another large collection of tunes, the 30-year-old has kept busy.

Since his most recent studio album release, Skrillex helped Incubus produce and mix their album, 8, while finding time to reunite and release music with his former band, From First to Last. He’s also managed to release a few collabs and remixes as well.

That’s all great. But the prospect of another full-length studio work from the dubstep demigod is too much to ignore. He’s been relatively quiet of late, which we will take as a good sign. Reports from those who’ve got a taste of the new tunes reportedly on the way are unsurprisingly great.

We may not have exact details on when, or in what form, those new songs will arrive in our ears. We’re betting that takes place in 2019, and couldn’t be happier about it.

Major Lazer

Another artist who manages to keep busy, whether he’s releasing his own music or helping others with theirs, is Diplo. With his fingers touching nearly every aspect of the dance music scene, a project featuring his productions in 2019 isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Especially if you ask the man himself.

Speaking with Complex about the last decade or so of work with Major Lazer, the dance music pioneer shed some light on the future of the group and their upcoming releases.

“Next year marks our last album, so we got a lot of stuff in between now and then.”

You can get a taste of what’s on the way from Major Lazer with their Afrobeats Mix that was released last September.

Swedish House Mafia

Maybe the most-hyped album of 2019, the upcoming release of new Swedish House Mafia music has the EDM world on edge. After a fairly brief hiatus, the group is back and ready to takeover the New Year. Again, we’re short on exact details, but the odds of SHM not delivering new tunes next year are lower than slim-to-none.

They’ve already announced several tour stops around the globe, with new music on the way as well. We haven’t been treated to a collection of Swedish House Mafia tunes since 2012’s massive hit, Until Now. Expectations are decidedly high for their upcoming work, but we’re not doubting the trio’s ability to live up to those standards.

We’re having to wait a bit longer for when we’ll be able to enjoy the Swedish House Mafia music both live and in our headphones. But if we can wait six years, what’s another six months? All we’re asking for is fewer countdown timers along the way.

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