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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Artists Creative

Every New Year sees droves of people deciding on new ways to make themselves better. Celebrating the New Year is an age old tradition that dates back to ancient Babylon. when the Ancients would celebrate the concept of renewal and fertility, pledge to pay back debts and return borrowed farm equipment. Nowadays, we often celebrate by partying too hard and then figuring out how we can make up for it in the months to come.

For those who are too busy to crowd a gym, there may be other ways you want to improve yourself. Artists, for example, might be searching for ways to keep creative blocks at bay; definitely, creative blocks are one of an artist’s biggest issues. For all those content creators out there, we’ve got some resolutions for you. Here are five new year’s resolutions to keep content creators engaged and creative in 2019.

1. Know your demographic

Knowing who consumes and enjoys your product is key to anyone trying to hustle. Keep an eye out on where your content is being shared, and those liking, sharing, and following your work. Knowing this will help you track the things you’re doing right and point you towards what you need to do in order to improve.

It also points you to how you can keep engaging with your audience. Interacting with fans and followers often feeds ideas and can help lead to inspiration. Monitoring your social media success can have other uses too; analyzing your online presence can help you track how to keep your social media on point. Analytics of your successful and unsuccessful posts can be the key to understanding how to effectively engage your followers.

2. Network with other creators

Building connections with other content creators can keep you aware of other ways to do things. Collaborating might even be on the table, opening you up to a whole new creative process. You might even be shared with another artist’s following! Utilize social media to connect with other artists and creators, and take note of what they’re doing. It might prove to be a resource for your own inspiration.

3. Get inspired and motivated

Nothing will help you stay on track to creating like a good attitude. Staying connected with your community and with what others are doing will keep you up to date with trends or new techniques, and utilizing those techniques can help to discover new ideas. Keeping yourself exposed to new methods and ways of doing things can help keep your own creative wheels turning, and help you discover new ways to produce dope content.

4. Stay consistent, build habits

They say it takes thirty days of consistency to build a new habit, whatever that may be. Start setting small, realistic, attainable goals each day so you can practice a good habit. What do you want to keep up? Is there something you want to improve? Maintaining consistency can help you grow as a content creator and build habits that will assist you throughout your creative career.

5. Stand out from the rest

Keep trying new things and keep making new things. You might be surprised at how creative you can be, and you might be on to something totally new. It doesn’t have to stick to what you create either; finding new ways to promote yourself, engage with followers or present yourself visually can all help you stay on the right track. Sooner than later, you’ll be producing some of the hottest content people have seen in ages!

How will you stay creative this year? Is there anything you want to improve? Let us know on Twitter, @DanceMusicNW!

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