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Grensta Returns to Seattle and Talks Music Production at Monkey Loft! [Interview]

Grensta recently played a packed show at the esteemed Monkey Loft in Seattle. We caught up with him before his set.

Grensta is known for his performances, productions, and for his impressive mastery of his craft. Grensta, who recently played EDC, has several celebrated releases and has established himself as a powerful force in the industry.

His recent show at Monkey Loft, in Seattle, started off on the right foot before his arrival. Chick Iverson and Bacosaurus, billed as the local support, set up the night with a sophisticated B2B to a packed out venue. The two artists played off their similar styles and delivered a tasty opener. The 1LUV crew, who was hosting the night, supplied equally funky beats and banging grooves.

Before his set, we got Grensta outside for a quick interview. He coolly laid down for us his recent successes, future releases, as well as some salient advice for musicians and music lovers alike.

DMNW: Give us a little bit of a breakdown on how you got started in music production and what was the moment that you realized that you wanted to do this as your real-time thing. How did you get the opportunity to play Beyond Wonderland?

Grensta: I was always really into turntables and DJ culture before electronic music blew up in the states for my generation. Dirtybird was, and still is, a big influence for me when I transitioned into house music. The turning point for me as a DJ was becoming a producer. I sat down and messed with Ableton Live everyday for hours. My first really well composed track, So Strangely, won the Beyond Wonderland contest and Insomniac flew me down to play in 2015. That was an eye opening experience for me.

Before that I’d gone through ups and downs that I think really any artist goes through. I questioned if I wanted to continue down this path and if it was the right choice. I got out of college and a lot of “real life” things were coming my way. (Bills, student debt, work, etc) I kind felt like a make-it-or-break-it moment for me. The Beyond Wonderland contest was definitely a morale booster and it gave me the confidence to continue working hard and making music a priority.

DMNW: What have you been up to recently? What does the future look like for Grensta?

Grensta: I’ve been writing as much music as I can. Post-EDC I was in a bit of a slump- cycles of creativity. I’m happy with where my heads’ at now with what I am creating. If you stress too much in this game, you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack. Really looking to get back out to Detroit and the East Coast. My main goals right now are just making music and having fun.

DMNW: What’s the piece of advice that you would offer yourself pre-EDC or pre-Beyond Wonderland?

Someone I really really care about told me less is more. It’s a about finding a balance. Take a step back. Relax.

Grensta’s two track EP titled “Losing Touch” is out NOW on Psycho Disco (as of September 8th, 2017). Later in the month / Early October his “Dust EP” is due out on Worthy’s label Anabatic.

Stay in touch with Grensta on his Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud to get the word on his latest and greatest. We can expect great things from this kind person and excellent musician.

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