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Kito & Reija Lee: Female Powerhouse Producer & Singer

DJ’s in the electronic music industry are majority, male. Kito & Reija Lee are two females, originally from Austrailia, now based in London. Producer Kito, and vocalist Reija Lee, first collaborated in 2009. They have recently been recognized in America and topped iTunes dance music charts with their track Sweet Talk.
Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk

Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk

Being a female producer is not very common in dance music. When Kito was interviewed by MTV they asked her thoughts on producers being majority male. She stated:

 “It’s a nerdy guy thing. You spend so much time just engineering and mixing a track. I think it just interests guys more.” -Kito

The female dance music producer, Kito, asked her longtime friend Reija Lee to write over a track she had produced for Skream. The two then created the track now known as LFO. From then on out, they have worked together making many collaborations under their official duo name Kito & Reija Lee.

“The wonderfully vibrant LFO, a track that defined an era of transition from the murky to the melodic, demonstrating a side of such music that was much more uplifting and soulful that its sparse, half-step predecessor.” –Kito & Reija Lee Facebook

LFO grabbed the attention of Mad Decent Record Label. With the support of Diplo, founder of Mad Decent, the female duo Kito & Reija Lee released their debut EP in 2011. One of the biggest hits, Sweet Talk, was originally featured by Annie Mac on Radio 1 in the UK. This dubstep track took off in the UK. Kito & Reija Lee’s Sweet Talk became unexpectedly, but not surprisingly, successful in America as well. The female duo repeatedly took the number 1 spot on the iTunes electronic music chart.

The female producer, Kito:

“Provides the bass heavy pop-infused production skills, which blends perfectly with Reija Lee’s lively crisp vocals. Dubstep has been in search of that perfect pop cross-over and Kito & Reija Lee do it with class and flair while holding true to the genre’s roots.” – Mad Decent Record Label

Sweet Talk is only one of many songs Kito & Reija Lee have collaborated on. The mastered pop, electronic blend these females have created, have also been featured on the Victoria’s Secret 2013 Spring Summer commercial. Even more recently Kito & Reija Lee teamed up with Big Boi. Their collabed track King Sh!t features the rap sensation T.I. For now, might not currently be known who the songs are produced by, but soon enough, people will realize it is female duo sensation Kito & Reija Lee.

What are your thoughts on Kito & Reija Lee, and males being the majority of DJ’s in electronic music?

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