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Live Nation to ban all single-use plastics at festivals in 2021

Waste is now one of the biggest problems facing music festivals. As music festivals grow, the crowds of attendees are also multiplying significantly. But what of trash, and waste?

All festival goers can say that they’ve seen trash on the ground. It is not an unusual sight to see trashcans overflowing, or trash scattered on the ground. It’s sad when you’re exiting the venue and you hear the sounds of footsteps and plastics cracking as people walkover empty plastic bottles, or food wrappers.

Most festivals employ people to help clean up at the end of the day events. Artists have taken to social media to urge fans, and festival goers, to pick up their trash and be more conscious of the environment. People have also participated in group trash pickup events, hosted by fellow festival goers, to help make a difference.

USC Events have also been making an effort with Team Green by starting the Conscious Dollars Initiative. Team Green consists of volunteers who dedicated themselves in hopes to reduce our ecological footprint and raise environmental awareness. Festival goers were also encourages to take part in the initiative by turning in recyclables for Conscious Dollars. For every 10 recyclables brought to the Conscious Community booth, you will receive a Conscious Dollar. Conscious Dollars can be exchanged for prizes, including aluminum USC water bottles, Celestial VIP upgrades.

However, Live Nation is making a point to tackle our trash problem by taking huge steps to reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

“Hosting over 35,000 concerts and festivals each year, Live Nation has the opportunity and responsibility to provide our artists and fans with a live music experience that protects our planet,” said Michael Rapino, President and CEO, Live Nation Entertainment. “The adverse effects of climate change are undeniable, and we want to use our place on the world stage to be part of the solution. Together our concerts, venues, festivals, and offices around the world are setting new sustainability standards for live events.”

Earlier this year, they released a statement about their new initiative “Green Nation“.

Live Nation has released a new charter outlining the initiative’s goals, according to the charter, Live Nation will

  • Deliver a 50% reduction in scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030End sale of single-use plastics at all owned and operated venues and events by 2021
  • Work to reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels where possible and pursue a low-carbon economy by sourcing renewable energy
  • Aim for our offices, venues and events to be zero waste to landfill and achieve a 50% (or higher) material recovery rate by 2030
  • Work with partners and sponsors toward shared sustainability goals
  • Transparently track, measure, and share adherence to our charter

You may read the full charter here. They kicked off the initiative by banning the use of plastic straws at Coachella and Stagecoach. Now that it’s going to be on a bigger scale, I am beyond excited to see what the future of festivals will be like once they go green.

Remember, it takes a larger effort to save our planet; It all starts with YOU and together we can work towards a plastic and waste free future.

What do you think about Live Nation going green? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook, and Twitter!

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