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MTV Takes Partial Ownership of SnowGlobe Music Festival

Big news coming in from Lake Tahoe last weekend. The Music Television Network became the majority sponsor of SnowGlobe Music Festival. The founder Chad Donnelly and his team will continue organizing and overseeing the event, but this year MTV has final say on all decisions.

Carson Now is a newspaper organization a short 26-minute drive from Lake Tahoe. They are reporting only two planned changes for SnowGlobe 2018. New art installations and sound mitigation techniques to prevent noise bleed into the adjacent areas of Lake Tahoe.

The SnowGlobe Big Air event will continue for the 2018 edition. On Course Events is a skiing and snowboard production company that has a continuing partnership with SnowGlobe music festival. Big Air is an event where professional snowboarders and skiers do tricks over and along the outskirts of the crowd.

Will The Two Groups Be Able To Work Together?

The hope is that the traditions and atmosphere of SnowGlobe will be maintained. Since the festival began nearly seven years ago in 2011 they have created their own Winter Wonderland. An out of this world concert experience.

Chad Donnelly and his team are convinced that MTV will help with the longevity and future production costs. The future of the festival depends on how well these two groups communicate their needs and beliefs with each other.

The festival has zero plans to leave Lake Tahoe. The venue and city are an iconic part of the music festival. On the other hand, there are potential rumors about SnowGlobe “sister” music festivals. MTV wishes to have multiple SnowGlobe festivals a year in the same way that Tomorrowland, Ultra and Decadence are located in multiple cities.

The 2018 edition of SnowGlobe features one of their most exciting lineups to date. SnowGlobe Music Festival may have a new partner with MTV, but we do not think they will lose their sense of identity.

The founder Chad Donnelly is convinced that MTV will help his festival, not hurt. If the founders can maintain control of the lineups and overall organization while MTV pays performers and production costs we can see this be a win-win situation for both sides.

How do you think MTV will affect the future of SnowGlobe Music Festival? Will the festival be able to maintain it’s unique identity? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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