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Starting to Feel the New Year With Cosmic Gate (Exclusive Interview)

Amidst the hustle and bustle that was this most recent New Year’s Eve at Resolution we were fortunate enough to get a few moments with Bossi (Stefan Bossems) of Cosmic Gate to sit down and talk about what it was like playing for the crowd at WaMu and find out what they plan to bring in the new year. Bossi had some lovely things to say about Seattle, and left a few tidbits that have us craving for more in the new year.

The last time Cosmic Gate graced our fair city with their presence was at Foundation in May of 2014, which was of course a much smaller venue than WaMu. For Bossi and his co-pilot Nic (Claus Terhoeven), larger stages are a much different encounter. We greatly enjoyed the set they brought to WaMu and the journey they brought us on, but it was certainly a higher energy than one would expect based on listening to Start To Feel.

“In a smaller venue you can play a smaller set, you can play more the ups and downs, play a wider variety. Here it’s like an hour so every DJ is pushing it.”

Bossi’s words rang through throughout the night, with Hardwell even adding hardstyle into his set, which is of course a huge departure from the feels trip we were hoping to go on with Dare YouHowever, they were playing to an audience of people focused on ringing in the new year in a big way and they did just that.

The last time the guys were out here after the joy that is Ultra Miami and the Winter Music Conference (WMC). Their boat party has become somewhat of a highlight of the week, and this year’s will prove no different. Bossi wasn’t allowed yet to give details on a date or time, but he shared that it will be a different party than we’ve become used to, so we can’t wait to see what they’re doing to mix it up.

What Bossi was able to share with us however is a new compilation album that’s coming up. Rather than the traditional Wake Your Mind Radio that they’ve been putting out, the Wake Your Mind Sessions will allow the guys to put out a longer format without the deadline of a weekly radio show. Wake Your Mind Sessions Volume 1 will be out at the end of March just in time for WMC, and we can’t wait to see how that might come into play along with the other new surprises they have planned for Miami.

Speaking of albums, Start To Feel made a big impact on 2014, and we couldn’t wait to hear what impact the album had on them. We were floored by how down to earth Bossi was about the success. They worked on the album the same as they always have, so the success isn’t going to change a thing about their process. The same is true of the trends that have taken flight in the EDM world such a deep house and big room. The guys love deep house, and they love the harmonies and melodies from 138, but the Cosmic Gate sound will stay true.

“Cosmic Gate is always Cosmic Gate.”

This theme came out in talks about the writing process for Nic and Bossi. Nic is classically trained and takes on the melodies, but both of the guys get into the nitty gritty on the production side, working together to craft that Cosmic Gate sound that we know and love. While they have enjoyed the “rock and roll” experience that comes from being on a tour bus in the studio is where the magic really happens for them as they are able to stretch out and utilize the full keyboard and other tools that simply aren’t possible to bring on a bus.

Alas, all good things come to an end, as did our conversation. For those who were experiencing Cosmic Gate or maybe even trance for the first time, Bossi had parting words that hopefully will touch your heart and guide your trance journey.

 “I hope we got them a bit of an idea that trance is still working on a big stage, doesn’t have to be banging EDM with a drop or something… that touching element and that melody that we bring on top of a set.”

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Lizzy has been raving since the wee age of 14 after being grounded for a month for having rave fliers in her bag. Like her other love, snowboarding, what was supposed to be "a phase" has become an essential part of her life and she is excited to see a new generation developing the same love.

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