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The Polish Ambassador Gives Back With Upcoming Fall Tour

The Polish Ambassador Permaculture Tour

In a gesture that is a bit different than the norm, The Polish Ambassador, commonly known as David Sugalski,  is about to change it up for his upcoming fall tour.  It will involve bringing a large following with him. Thanks to collecting donations on and meeting his minimum requirement of $35,000, The Polish Ambassador can now bring an extended party of special guests on tour. These are not musical guests, but instead will be friends of David that help educate our generation about higher sustainability and regenerative way of living. There will be plenty of workshops and ‘action’ days where fans can help make a difference by planting new trees and giving back to the community. David hopes this is just the beginning on similar acts to follow.

We’re embarking on a 30 city tour and we’ve linked up with a team of permaculture teachers, urban farmers, community organizers, and network weavers to add to the already growing team of musicians, lyricists, and visual artists that make up Jumpsuit Records and The Polish Ambassador experience. We’ll be teaching permaculture at shows through spoken word, video, and resources for people to take home; bringing local groups and organizations out to put a focus on the change they’re making in each city; and hosting impact days to build community projects.-David Sugalski

There are a few select ‘action’ workshops (one will be held in Eugene, Oregon on October 11th, another in Austin, TX on November 1st,) that will give fans a chance to give back to their communities and learn about sustainability. David and his team are likely very excited about the effects this tour will have on the cities they visit, and the potential to have this spread throughout surrounding communities. A spot at next Summer’s Summer Meltdown Festival seems like something The Polish Ambassador would love to make happen. Currently, his fall Permaculture tour will be making a stop at Neumos on October 10th, with tickets ranging from $18-25. You can purchase tickets for the Seattle event here. You can also find out more information about the Spokane show here.



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