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Real talk with OVERWERK During His Reddit AMA


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he Emerald City has become rather spoiled throughout past years when it comes to electronic music. Almost every artist we could imagine seeing we have at one time or another and most of us haven’t had to travel more than 15 minutes to see a show. That’s the beauty about living in Seattle and also the downfall. While we have a wildly flourishing music scene among us, we find ourselves focusing on the commercial and mainstream of it all. At times we need to recognize that there’s more out there. More artists doing bigger things, producing better music and they need to be heard.

Meet OVERWERK. A Canadian based producer by the name of Edmond Huszar took to Reddit on Saturday with an official AMA (ask me anything) with his fans. His North America tour will be kicking off at the beginning of July and starting here in Seattle at Foundation Nightclub on the 4th, we thought it’d be a great idea to highlight some of his answers in the AMA.

oldsaintnich: What was the hardest thing to overcome when starting out as OVERWERK, in terms of your art and getting your name out there.

I think the start of a music career is easy because you can stay true to yourself and what you love. The more you grow, the more people you need to help support you. It’s hard to manage a career on your own, and once that team builds up, you have a lot of voices coming at you all with their own ideas. It’s really hard to maintain your vision the more established you get. – I’m really trying my best to though. I have a plan and it won’t be compromised.

fortunian: This is such a cliche question, but I am really curious because you have such a unique sound. What are some producers that you could say inspired you, or you think might have attributed to what you’re doing now?

I think my musical taste was most shaped when I really dove into the Ed Banger style French electro, that whole crew. Also, hard style, Euro stuff, whatever you could find on Limewire/Napster at the time. Then came the Ministry of Sound CDs that really gave me a taste of what was happening in a scene that I was not yet a part of.

alexf50gt3: did you choose the business model you chose? like with Bandcamp and the likes, love the music anyways, thanks

I just want people to have access to my music, in any way they please. I’m annoyed when I can’t find a download to a song I love, so I try to make my music available wherever people may look. If my music isn’t available in a place you guys would like, let me know!

Asylar: I haven’t produced anything for months. I feel horrible because as much as I feel bad for not making music, I just can’t feel inspired. Some times I just sit and stare at my DAW. Have you ever felt the same, and do you have any advice on how to get pumped again?

My advice might be to explore genres of music that you aren’t comfortable with or haven’t dove into. Listen to music from different decades or even centuries. People become uninspired when they are listening to the same stuff recycled over and over… There are millions of artists making amazing music all around the world, just try looking in different places. – Good luck!

If it’s one thing we can appreciate in a fast growing industry is an artist who’s willing to take a few minutes to chat with their fans and most importantly be real. Edmond enlightened many of his followers during his first AMA and hopes to do another one soon. Find his North America tour dates and ticket information here.

Read the whole AMA with OVERWERK here.

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