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Are EDM-centric Nightclubs As We Know It Dying Off?


We all know what to expect on Instagram over the weekend – our friends, perfectly dressed, eating and drinking at trendy social spots. And, surprisingly, a recent article by The Guardian claims that this perfect, social media lifestyle is exactly what’s killing the UK nightclub scene.

In the last decade, 25% of British nightclubs have closed their doors. In their place, new activities like trampoline parks, bingo halls, and gyms have reached a late night boom. These activities appeal to the younger, more health-conscious generation. This generation is also more readily networked. 20-somethings are more likely to look for love and social satisfaction online than at a nightclub.

What’s more, it seems that British housing development is getting in the way of clubs and promotion companies looking to renew their license. Mint, a cult favorite company, hasn’t yet renewed their license for 2019.

We have to wonder if the same thing is happening in our own backyard. Since the Foundation crackdown, the four “major” nightclubs left in the Seattle scene are Q, Stage, The Underground, and Aston Manor.

Meanwhile, smaller clubs have risen as the go-to weekend musical options, with the rise of venues like Monkey Loft, Re-Bar, Kremwerk, and Ora.

Outside of the club scene, just a few years ago, we saw the explosion of escape rooms as a new weekend activity.

In fact, if you search “adult activities in Seattle”, a Yelp page listing a ton of escape rooms is one of the first results. Only a few pubs and no nightclubs appear on the first few pages.

Seemingly, the desire to look for good food and “something different” on the weekends holds true in Seattle. While big shows and an intimate underground scene are keeping some nightclubs alive, it seems their big boom might be coming to an end.

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