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Stafford Brothers Break The Rules (And Headphones) At Foundation (Event Review)

The Stafford Brothers, one of Australia's top DJ acts, came to Foundation Seattle

[numblock num=”7.5″ style=”3″]The infamous Stafford Brothers brought their signature Aussie flair to Foundation. Despite a few hiccups on the production end, the night became one to remember, with Paris Blohm assisting the brothers in engineering a night full of energy and inflatable marsupials.[/numblock]

Matt & Chris Stafford (aka The Stafford Brothers) are no strangers to the EDM music scene. Having gained huge success at the ITM Australia Awards in their home country of Australia, this duo has been an act to watch. Now the time has finally come to see them mark their territory at Foundation.

The night started off right with the sounds of Paris Blohm, getting the crowd ready for the highly energetic Australian duo. Even after Paris had played his set, he was seen behind the stage nearly the entire night. It’s always great to see artists be so supportive of each other, supporting and stepping up to help out any way possible. In this air of camaraderie, no one could have predicted what would happen later in the night.

Stafford Brothers yellow kangaroos

Yellow kangaroos. Duh.

Complete with flying yellow inflatable kangaroos, it was apparent when the duo took the stage their goal was simple – to bring everyone together, keep a smile on everyone’s face, and throw down an amazing set fusing with progressive house with some of the most popular festival anthems of 2013 (including Martin Garrix’s Animals). The brothers were seen switching back and forth from the decks to MC duty, all while maintaining a steady flow of bass and beats to the speakers.

The brothers were a third of the way through their set when their headphones snapped in half. Both Matt and Chris kept the occurrence low key and played a few tracks without their headphones. That’s when the magic of the night truly started. Playing a surprise b2b set with Paris Blohm, Paris was nice enough to lend his headphones for the rest of the set. The performance was even more memorable than any fan might have thought possible.

Whether it’s at clubs or at one of your favorite festivals, it’s only a matter of time until these brothers make a mark on the rest of the country as well.  It’s no secret why The Stafford Brothers are considered to be some of the best DJ’s in the game. Broken headphones, inflatable kangaroos, hard-hitting beats to get everyone on the floor dancing –  it’s clear these wild Aussie brothers are an unstoppable force that has no intentions of slowing down.

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