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SUBPAC’s S2 Seated Subwoofer Will Change the Way You Experience Music [Review]

subpac s2
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SUBPAC: a company that creates tactile subwoofers, which provide a much more private bass experience. Subpac was founded in 2013 after John Alexiou and Todd Chernecki started a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $100,000. Today we’re reviewing the S2, which is the seated model, but they also offer a wearable version.

“We believe that sound vibrations deepen our connection to music.”

Damn right they do.

If you’re a bass head, you know the pleasure of listening to a well-produced track, with a hefty low end, on a good sound system. Your bones rattle, pictures nearly fall off the wall, and you feel the music all the way to your core. The problem with sub frequencies is that while they are crucial to fully experiencing what a song has to offer, they travel much further than higher frequencies and will piss off neighbors and roommates alike, given enough amplitude and time.


The S2 creates a completely immersive experience that is a particularly worthy purchase for any gamer, audiophile, producer, or music lover. The frequency response goes from 5hz up to 125hz, so you get all the deepest lows while still getting high enough to really feel the difference in tonality between bass notes.

The intensity knob has no effect on the S2’s output level, so you can adjust the sub level independent of the rest of your sound system. Lower settings will add a satisfying amount of bass to fill in the gaps that your speakers or cans just can’t convey. The mid to high intensity settings, however, are enough to shake your teeth right out of your mouth. Your vision will likely blur as you try to focus on your phone or computer screen, and extended use may result in nausea. Pretty sweet!

So what’s it like listening to music with the S2? The short answer: truly amazing. The beautiful thing about the SUBPAC is that the sound vibrations travel through your body and to your inner ears where they are perceived as part of the sound you hear.

After listening for a while, you will forget the S2 is even there as the bass blends so spectacularly with the rest of the music. If you’re listening on speakers or studio monitors, the SUBPAC adds another dimension to your music. However, if you’re listening with headphones you will literally be fully immersed in your tunes. Put on a chill mix, lean back, close your eyes and be careful, or you might actually witness your soul leaving your body.

There is no other consumer-level product you can buy at the moment that does quite what the SUBPAC does. Other companies like Basslet have tried creating competitive wearable products, but the positive reviews and praise are just not the same as what SUBPAC has received. The S2 is an amazing tool for any producer looking to better monitor sub frequencies, but anyone who enjoys bass is sure to absolutely love this product.

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