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The Early Bird Gets The Worm: Pro Tips On Early Bird Tickets To USC Events

Early Bird Tickets Freaknight 2014

USC Events released a very limited amount of discounted 2-day general admission tickets to Freaknight 2014. There were eight select retail outlets in Washington that had early bird tickets and one retail outlet in Oregon. This is a common practice for most USC events recently. Not only is there a limit on location of purchase, but a limit on how many purchased at a time (4 maximum per person). The sale started at 12pm Saturday July, 19th and continued until they sold out, which didn’t take long at all. By 12:30pm Rainy Day Records in Olypmpia, WA had completely sold out.

As with any system, there are some tweaks that could be made to improve the process. With only a small amount of tickets sold at the early bird price of $135, there were wait times of up to 2 hours at some retail outlets. A major complaint this year was customers being unaware of the cash only policy at some retail outlets.

Each of these privately owned businesses make their own rules of how tickets are sold. If we would have known, we would have made it public. –USC Events

With that being said, when purchasing tickets (early bird or not) at select retail outlets, try to plan ahead.

  • The day before tickets go on sale: Check to see if your retail outlet will be accepting cash and/or credit cards
  • Ask how many tickets per person will be sold
  • Get to the retail outlet at least 15 minutes early, especially when purchasing early bird tickets (the early bird gets the worm!)

We were able to gather some of the locations that accepted cash and credit cards for Freaknight 2014 early bird sales. If you see a retail outlet that we have not filled in, please let us know if they accept cash and/or credit cards!

Seattle, WA
Silver Platters (Northgate) [Accepts Credit Cards]
Silver Platters (SoDo)
Platinum Lights & Sound (Capital Hill) [Accepts Credit Cards]

Bellevue, WA
Silver Platters (Crossroads Hall) [CASH ONLY]

Federal Way, WA
35th Ave Skates (South)

Tacoma, WA
Rocket Records

Olympia, WA
Rainy Day Records [Accepts Credit Cards]

Spokane, WA
The Bachelor Pad

Portland, OR
Platinum Lights & Sound

Let us know how your early bird purchasing experience went! If you missed the early bird price, don’t worry! The next tier of Freaknight 2014 tickets will go on sale  Wednesday July 23 at 12pm PDT at all Ticketmaster outlets, and the Century Link Field box office.


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