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Breathe In A ‘Sigh’ of Relief – Valentin Stip’s Debut Album Is Here

valentin stip - sigh - artwork

Imagine sitting out on a pacific coast waterfront pier as the evening sets in. A chilled, swift breeze whooshes through the nearby boats’ sails, clinging the metal hooks against the poles and gently washes up the waves over the beach’s edge. A soft, sprinkling rainfall draws in overhead by a dark-grey cloud mass.  Each piece of the surrounding environment creates a melancholic, yet honest and beautiful collection of nature’s purest elemental sounds and emotions. This is the earth’s “music,” in its most bare, essential form; This is the founding structure for Valentin Stip‘s eclectic debut album, Sigh. Take a journey through the inner and outer working’s of his psyche, where Valentin Stip’s Sigh breathes real, atmospheric life into music.

valentin stip - cover photo

Stip grew up in France and moved to New York as an early teen. He is now 21 years old.

Valentin Stip’s innovative use of tactile sounds and nature’s tones came from a similar experience, as he sat near a harbor alone as a child near a small town of France. Remaining silent, he allowed the world’s sounds around him to orchestrate the moment. “I realized that every sound you hear is potentially music,” Valentin Stip explains. “The only thing that makes sound into music is the mind, arranging it.” 

Valentin Stip does much more than “arrange” his music. The eight tracks that make up Sigh blend into one another as nature would, blending through phases of the day and moods of the mind. Each track of Sigh is a different view of the world and it’s music through the emotions and sounds portrayed by Stip. Some are airy, refreshing, and calm, like a ship setting sail. Others phase into darker, rougher tides, with crackling sounds and somber piano keys, played to feel natural yet arranged just enough to fit the emotions into a musical form. So breathe in deeply, exhale a Sigh of relief, and let the ambient arrangements of Valentin Stip drift you away.

You can preview and purchase Valentin Stip’s debut album Sigh on iTunes.

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