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Breaking down Cashmere Cat’s new album ahead of PNW tour stops

By Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat’s Princess Catgirl is now available everywhere. The LA based Norwegian Producer released his second studio album on Friday, September 20. Cashmere Cat authentically holds onto the wonky trap sound that he established in his 2017 album 9.

On Princess Catgirl the big name vocalists stayed at home. The Wknd, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Camila Cabello were all credited on his debut album, but not this time. Six out of seven songs have lyrics, but they are uncredited.

All of the vocals have been edited in a higher pitch. A Princess Catgirl pitch if you will. Pay close attention the lyrics. Lyrical website Genius have been able to hunt down all the uncredited vocalists. In total there are four different performers.

Before we dive into the tracklist here are your first play listening instructions provided by Cashmere Cat.

Complete Album Analysis:

For Your Eyes Only
A single released on September 6. Eases us into Cashmere Cat’s new world. You can really tell how much fun Cashmere Cat had on this song. It has a heavy hitting bass section that brings any headbanger to life. The music video shows Princess Catgirl running while pursued by searchlights. Francis and the Lights performed the vocals.

The chorus, “Watergirl wants, Watergirl needs!” Is repeated throughout. It sounds a lot like “What a girl wants, What a girl needs.” That’s because Cashmere Cat was granted permission to sample Christina Aguilera’s 1999 single What a Girl Wants. Kota Banks has heavily edited lyrics that lead into a filthy trap beat.

Seriously, like Cashmere Cat said, “Play it loud.” The punchy bass combined with something that sounds like a nursery rhyme is what makes it authentically his. He keeps it cute and heavy.

Back For You
This selection brings the production back for a moment. Due to the vocal focus the Princess Catgirl vocal edit can be easily recognized. Tory Lanez is our uncredited vocalist. After two minutes of introspection we are pulled back into reality with a destructive drop.

The lead single released on August 9. It is certainly the, “banger,” of the album. All the momentum has led up to this song. As a result Emotions is the highest energy track. Thanks to Tove Stryke for providing lyrics. This track has been on repeat all month. Well produced bass, a creative trap beat, and beautiful vocals is a brilliant combination.

The runtime for this instrumental track is 1 minute 33 seconds. We imagine this song is what Princess Catgirl would sound like if she mooed at us. This is a producer’s ultimate fantasy, with a ton of intricate and minor details. Every second of this song has been fine tuned and stretched to its peak. There is a great deal of work that went into this short song.

Without You 
Wow at the amount of paperwork Cashmere Cat had to push through to complete this song. First of all it interpolates a 2017 song by Airynmore, which we learned means that Cashmere Cat used the melody from said track, but re-recorded the melody instead of sampling it. Then Cashmere Cat sampled vocals from Hailey Steinfield’s 2017 single Love Myself and edited them to create parts of the chorus. And finally Cashmere Cat brought in Kota Banks to perform one uncredited verse.

Princess Catgirl – The title track is a cheerful conclusion to the album. For this track it isn’t the end, but merely the beginning of another era for Cashmere Cat. On some albums the last track is a goodbye, but this is a hello in it’s brightest form. Cashmere Cat once again found a way to blend pop vocals with his heavy trap formulas.

There are no “B-Side” tracks as Kaskade or Above & Beyond call their less popular album material. The short tracklist allowed us to replay the album 6+ times in the first 24 hours.

Don’t forget that Cashmere Cat will be performing in all three major Pacific NW cities this January!

Please check out Cashmere Cat’s new album. We are seriously so excited about it. If you listen let us know what you thought on Facebook or Twitter!

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