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DMNW Interview: Anjunadeep’s Enamour talks music gear and production before Ora show

Enamour is one to know. The D.C. based producer and DJ is the creator of boundless sound. Sifting through his discography, you will hear his talented range as he explores various sonar atmospheres. You might hear his dynamic progressive house, or his dreamy melodies that touch on deep house, or even his hypnotic and driving dark techno. Technical, intricate, self-taught, and experimental in his production, Enamour continues to be forward thinking in his musical creations.

I was able to catch Enamour before he began his North American spring tour to talk about the production side of things. He was in Seattle taking the helm at Ora Nightclub on Saturday, April 2.

DMNW: First off, how are you? What have you been up to? We’re excited for your return to Seattle.

Enamour: I’m good! I just got back from an adventurous tour in India. I was supposed to do only 3 shows in India, but ended up booking a longer trip with more bookings , spanning across seven cities for two weeks. So I’m still a little jet lagged from that, but it feels good to be back in the studio and my normal routine. The crowds’ energy and enthusiasm in India were very encouraging and re-energizing as I get ready for my tour here in the states.

DMNW: We’ve heard you’re quite the gear head. What are three things in the studio you absolutely can’t do without?

Enamour: As far as hardware and synths, none of them are must-haves other than my Eurorack modular synth. That’s something I built myself and is what gives me the ability to create that unique ear candy in my music. The software is the most important to me. For synthesizers and effects, I’ve had much success with u-He, Diva, and Repro. A curveball that I use is Sonarworks, which is room correction software that calibrates your speakers and studio headphones. It measures the response of the room and measures the sound coming from speakers accordingly. For any producer that’s struggling to get their sound to match another room, this is a very useful tool.

DMNW: I noticed you use an iPad as a tool for your sets, can you explain how this is utilized?

Enamour: The iPad is an interface/controller for a multi effects pedal that is called the Eventide H9. It contains a long list of effects, lets me create presets, and modulate the parameters from the iPad over Bluetooth. I hook this all up to a send/return on a mixer so I can send audio from one channel to another pedal. With traditional DJ effects, you usually affect what is coming out. But with this piece of equipment, I can send whatever I want to the reverb, for example. If there’s a little tonal sound or synth hit in there, I can use EQ on mixer to isolate that one little tone. The H9 with my iPad gives me a ton of creative and sound design opportunities, gives my sets texture, and keeps it interesting.

DMNW: You’re a coveted remixer and collaborator, having worked with Lane 8, Above & Beyond, Rinzen, and Hayden James to name a few. Do you have any plans for a body of work?

Enamour: Yes! The plans are still up in the air but I have an initial structure for album in place. I have more than half the songs drafted, but I’m still allowing the process it take shape on its own. Creatively, I want to explore the intersection between songwriting and audio engineering. Trying to capture happy accidents and translate small moments of transcendence into something that can inspire others. The search for consciousness inside software and hardware.

DMNW: What do you like to do outside the studio and touring?

Enamour: Cooking is on the top of my list. It’s something I picked up and really got into during the pandemic. I really enjoy it and cook all the meals I eat now. Yoga has also been something else I have been doing very consistently. Holistically, it’s given me many benefits and have helped provide a different perspective on myself, life, and my career as a musician.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!