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Friends & Family Remember Erik “Beefer” Anderson

Honoring the life of Erik 'Beefer' Anderson

If I have taken one lesson from losing a dearly-loved friend, it is that for however long you keep their memory alive, they are gracious enough to stay with you. My memory of Beefer was also my first, attending the BT double-header at Q in 2013. He and Web played a set that at the time I called the “perfect entrance for BT.” I met Beefer that night, and was struck by how welcoming he was to a complete stranger—even for a second. He just wanted to chat and joke, with me and everyone else at the show.

(From DJ WEB) Beefer has a been a major influence in the Seattle scene for many years and a person I considered my best friend. Many of you don’t know that he was actually born in Singapore. He always joked he was Asian. His musical interests started at a young age as a member of band playing the saxophone. Many did not know that he still played regularly with a brass band. He was a major part of Seattle and the rave scene from The Spot to King Kat to Studio 7 and many venues in between.

As the owner of Madcow Productions he put on some of the largest parties in Seattle outside of USC events. His largest was Kandyland (going on Year 14). He always tried to make it a point to have Trance as a big part of his shows. He loved the harder stuff. He brought us headliners like Sean Tyas, Suzy Solar, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Bobina, Nicholas Bennison, Matt Darey, John O’ Callaghan, Dave Ralph, Deep Voices (Dyloot), and Basshunter as well as others like Dave Aude, DJ Irene, Terry Mullan, and DJ Dan…to name a few. He also threw many other shows including A Midsummer Night’s Rave and various other parties. Beefer was a local headliner and played many sets w/ Monkey, WEB, and Channel Surfer (under the alias Beef TV).

He was a major difference in the local rave scene and a huge reason why Trance is still present in Seattle and even Portland thru his other connections. Beefer played regularly before shows on C 89.5’s the Vortex with Drew Bailey. He is well-known for his sense of humor and perfectly timed but inappropriate jokes that would have you in hysterics. He is a major reason why many DJs have moved up to become the local greats you know and love. I thought it was important to recognize his contribution to our scene and the Trance community!

Beefer lost his fight w/ cancer, but will forever be remembered through his contribution to the community we all love. Rest in peace Beefer, and a huge thank you for everything you have done for us.

You can download some of his mixes from the Vortex if you go to the Vortex page on C89.5.

What follows are public remembrances of Erik from some of the people that knew him best. They are edited only for clarity and are otherwise published in their entirety.

John Gottberg Anderson

“The Beefer has left the building. My remarkable son, Erik Anderson, passed away shortly after midnight this morning, fewer than 8 months after he was diagnosed with an advanced liver cancer.

I am so deeply grateful to have spent the past 32+ years with this man’s huge spirit.”

Eric ‘DJ WEB’ Weber

“The world has just lost another great person. My best friend BEEFER lost his fight with cancer, at the age of 32, this morning and I cannot describe how hard this is for me to write about the loss. He was like a brother, best friend, drinking buddy, and a person I just truly enjoyed hanging out with. We will miss you Erik Anderson aka DJ Beefer. I am thankful to have known you. You were the one that gave me my 1st DJ club booking in Seattle. And I think I’ve done just about as many sets with you as I have done on my own over the years (that’s a lot).

Beefer helped me throw my 1st club night as a promoter and made sure I was always booked for his shows. He always looked out for his friends. He was a huge member of the Rave and Club community and loved by many. Oktoberfest will never be the same without you. You were loved and will be missed! Rest in peace Beef.”

Marc ‘MarQ’ Pospisil

Woke up to some bad news. Erik Anderson, aka Dj Beefer lost his fight with cancer last night. Erik was only 32, and somewhat recently discovered he had advanced cancer. Erik was a great guy, he was always laughing and great to be around. We worked together as DJs since the early 2000’s, I played Kandyland every year since it started till ultimately we threw the show together for KL7-10. I will always remember you my friend and the great times we shared. I wish we could have done more, but your time had come. You are spinning with the angels now, forever dancing at the last big party, some day I will see you again my friend, I till then you live on min my memory.

Jeremy ‘Powermitten’ Jones

“How did Powermitten start? Honestly it was me pretending to play a set at open decks at Motor on Graz’s setup for 10 minutes, but actually just pretending to press buttons. When I got done and he took over, I walked to the bar and one person was hysterically laughing and said, “I totally know you were just trolling up there, but if you went that direction it would be huge. I’d never book you, but it would be huge.” It was the first push to make this project happen from a DJ and promoter I always looked up to and respected immensely and thank him for that compliment and idea.

Erik Anderson AKA Beefer was a core part of why the rave / EDM simply exists in Seattle. He’s a core part of why my visuals company got a start, he’s a core reason Powermitten got its start. We lost an amazing soul in the community and the world. I wouldn’t say him and were good friends, but close acquaintances. My heart goes to those that were close to him and his family. I try to keep my Fb profile family friendly but I have to end with, fuck cancer.”

Janice ‘J-Note’ Chae

“Your bottom bitch for life.”

Jason ‘Monkey’ Robertson

“If you knew the JOY Erik Anderson got from his times behind the bullhorn.”

Kingsley Northcott

“You brought smiles to the face of many and your intelligent sarcasm and unique perspective on life is something that I cannot compare to anybody else I have met along my journeys. You touched the lives of many and we will all miss your caring nature and one of a kind character. I am in shock that this all happened so soon and I hope that you are slamming tracks like always in heaven. You will not be forgotten. Til we meet again brother…”

Chris Herrera

“Today I lost my best friend to cancer. I love you Beefer. I always have and I always will.”

Remembering Beefer: A Benefit for Erik Anderson

The crew at The Underground will be honoring Beefer’s memory and raising money to help his family with his final expenses. The event is on July 16th from 10pm – 2am.

You can RSVP to the show here.


A GoFundMe page has been created for Beefer’s Medical and Funeral expenses. “This is an extremely tough time for Erik’s friends and family, but especially for his mother Linda Carlock, his father John Gottberg Anderson, and his wife Kim Chan. Our donation page is to help them out with funeral costs and arrangements. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.”

Please consider donating. In times of need, every contribution helps.

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