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Shambhala Films Releases Getter’s 2016 Live Set!

While Getter is typically recognized as a bass music artist, his momentous performance from last year’s Shambhala Music Festival transcends all the typical expectations of party music. He still effectively manages to blast you away with extreme emotional intensity on the tremendous PK Sound system, despite his diverse song selection. Getter’s 2016 Shambhala set takes you on a musical journey across a multitude of musical styles and genres.

Getter’s ambition and talent are admirable, especially for only being 23 years old. He is well-known in the industry for his modern and sophisticated take on dubstep and hip-hop. He mixes together the deep raspy bass sounds of electro, shoe-gazey atmospheres, with punchy “war drum”-like, hip-hop stylized beats. Getter’s memorable performance was videoed in striking HD by Shambhala Films. This set from Getter is the second piece in a series of full-set recordings produced by the festival.

Getter on The Pagoda stage, dancing and spinning, trashing his arms around in excitement to the bass

The mood of Getter’s Shambhala set shifts smoothy and pleasingly. There are countless shocking moments of intense blown-out 808 subwoofer thumps, dreamy melodic builds, and jittery, borderline orgasmic 16th note high-end synths. All of these elements are alchemized together with a strong backbone of hip-hop influence. He goes so far as to play an excerpt of Enya’s Orinoco Flow (2006), crediting his mother on the microphone, proudly proclaiming, “[…] shout out (to) Enya, my Mom’s favorite band!”.

After this, he immediately launches the crowd with him into a dubstep explosion, accompanied by a colossal orchestration of squelchy and sharp bass tones. This dramatic eruption is delicately layered above deep, frenzied, booty-shaking bass.

Getter jocularly talks to the audience throughout the show, as if he’s playing an incredibly crowded house party. However, this notion is clearly offset by the spectacular light show and otherworldly atmosphere that one would expect of an OWSLA or Firepower Records artist. His clear passion for performance is yet another admirable quality highlighted by his fantastic set.

At the end of the video of his gig, Getter is briefly interviewed by the festival. He sincerely promotes the awesomeness of Shambhala, positively declaring, “Everyone here gets it!”.

You can see the whole performance for yourself on the Shambhala Music Festival YouTube page:

Keep your fingers crossed that Getter will play at The Pagoda again this summer at Shambhala 2017. We’re sure it can only be more amazing than the last!

Also, check out some of the other fire mixes from last years’ Shambhala, including Excision and Sub Focus!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!