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Getting Ready For Canada With Kyle Watson (Interview)

If you are a fan of house music, you are probably streaming some Kyle Watson, and if you are not, you are missing out on some major tunes. The South Africa music producer is part Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird label and a big part of the South African dance music community. We had the chance to ask Kyle some questions about his career and his upcoming tour in Canada. If you are in the PNW, go check out his Vancouver tour stop!

Want to listen to some new Kyle Watson while reading this interview? Check out his new Le Youth Remix below.

Now with the new tune playing, check out the full interview below.

Your debut album Into The Morning released this past August. Which track would you say is your favorite and why? 

Kyle: That’s a tough question! The album is pretty diverse so I love each track in its own right for a different reason. But if I absolutely had to pick one I’d probably say Control Ya because of its rawness and energy.

Which show on your Canada tour are you most excited for? 

Kyle: Honestly, I’m keen for every single one because people have been asking me to get out to Canada for ages and it’s finally happening. But I have a feeling Coda is going to be next level…

Why Canada? Not many artists have a Canada tour, what made you want to have this many shows in Canada? 

Kyle: I’ve been getting messages for years from people asking when I’ll be touring Canada, so it felt like a good idea to spend a decent amount of time there and visit as many of the cities as possible.

What can fans expect from these Canadian shows? 

Kyle: Obviously, I’m bringing a whole bunch of my new music with me, but since it’s my first time touring in Canada people can also expect to hear some of the Watson tracks they’ve enjoyed over the past few years as well. Plus some sneaky numbers coming this year on Box Of Cats!

How would you describe the Dirtybird crew and what is it like being a part of that? 

Kyle: I live on the other side of the world to most of the Dirtybird family so I haven’t really had a proper chance to hang out with them for a decent amount of time. But judging by the vibes from the guys I’ve met so far it’s an awesome crew to be a part of. There’s this sense of fun and mutual respect.

What makes Dirtybird Campout standout from other shows/festivals that you have been to? 

Kyle: Campout last year was a bucket list show for me and it didn’t disappoint! Once again, there was just a really friendly atmosphere at Campout, it just felt like everyone was there for the right reasons – to have fun and enjoy the music.

What genre of music inspires you the most that are not dance music? 

Kyle: I take inspiration from a bunch of different genres because I listen to such a variety of music. Sometimes I base my chord progressions off something I’ve heard in a rock song, and sometimes after listening to a Missy track produced by Timbaland I just wanna go and program warm scratchy drum loops. I take a little inspiration from everything I listen to.

Even though fans just received a debut album from you, what else can fans expect from you in 2019? 

Kyle: I’ve been busy working on a bunch of original content over the last couple of months that I’m about to find homes for, so that will be out in 2019. This Ain’t Bristol are putting out an Into The Morning remix EP in the second quarter of the year which will feature some of my favorite artists’ takes on my album tracks, and I’ve worked on stuff for that too. So sit tight, there’s more good stuff on its way.

When will we be seeing you in Seattle again? 

Kyle: I managed to make it out there twice in 2018, so hopefully at least once again this year!

What is your favorite track on Kyle Watson’s new debut album? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!