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Jinn Sound at BOO! 2023 portrait
Credit: @descendantmedia


An introduction to the extraordinary and secretive Jinn Sound (DMNW Interview)

Jinn Sound is an up-and-coming bass music act coming out of the Pacific Northwest who, like many other acts in the bass music scene, have chosen to keep themselves anonymous. We got the chance to interview Jinn Sound recently to get to know the project, what it means, and what to expect from them in the near future.

DMNW: How long have you been working on the Jinn Sound project?

JS: The Jinn project has been around since 2014. The idea came up while we were in Pakistan on vacation. We wanted to share our passion for dubstep creation and played around with the idea of DJing and making music. The project really came to fruition about two years ago when we started releasing music and playing shows.


Jinn Sound Performing at BOO! 2023 in black and white

Credit: @descendantmedia

Why is the name Jinn Sound and not just “Jinn”

When we added the “Sound” to it we really wanted to take the person or people behind the project away from the name and focus more on the sound aspect or the art itself. So instead of focusing on the image behind the person and having people want to get to know the creator, we want people to focus on the art and move away from making it super personal.

What genre of music do you play?

We play a bit of everything. When you go to see Jinn Sound show you get some dubstep, some deep dub, some drum and bass, it’s really a full-scale spectrum of music.

What are some recent events you’ve played?  Any favorites?

We played Dancefestopia and Boo! last year and we were really happy to get acknowledged there not for the clout we had but for the art that we had released and played out. The event promoters for both of those had found us super naturally while we were playing local shows. The most pivotal show in our opinion was definitely Vue nightclub opening for Mr. Carmack. We have always really looked up to Mr. Carmack and his style and how he writes and his overall sound profile, and we hold that same goal for Jinn Sound.

Tell us a bit more about the idea behind Jinn Sound.

The Jinn Sound project is super in-depth. There’s a production aspect and an audio-visual experience and of course the DJing itself, so it’s really a full-scope project. The core idea behind Jinn Sound is to toy around with the concept of the “wish master” and what people wish for when they come to a show. We want to be able to provide anything and everything somebody in the crowd would want. We don’t like to keep to one lane because making multiple genres opens up different types of sets and experiences and different types of stories we could tell through our sets.


Jinn Sound Performing at BOO! 2023 With beam lights and red visuals

Credit: @descendantmedia

Is there anything that you think sets you apart from other DJ acts?

Yes. We are trying to create a distinct category for ourselves and pave our own lane. We want to bring our culture into the music but also tell a story. We would like to reframe how some people see people like me and give an experienced look into our culture through sound and add to the rave culture but give our own spin to it.

Who are some artists you look up to or are influenced by?

We look up to artists like Sultan and Nazaar who have also put a lot of elements of their culture into their music. We also like guys like Svdden Death and Vulllgar for the super hard darker stuff. When it comes to experimental bass we like asau who is super sick and he’s also from the Pacific Northwest so we got to give him a shout-out for being a huge inspiration.  Also, Ivy Lab, Maudeep, and 2 Fingers are all big inspirations for the type of sound that we’re trying to push, and of course, Mr. Carmack as we mentioned before.

What got you into the rave scene?

We went to our first rave in 2018 when we went to Bass Canyon. We had never gone to a concert before and we weren’t really into partying growing up, but we went to Bass Canyon and saw Svdden Death presents, Voyd, and everything really changed. Having that as our first initial exposure to bass music, being front row watching some guy with a moose head saying “embrace your inner evil” really provoked a lot of thought in us.

Do you feel that your anonymity has helped you or hindered you with your growth?

It has helped the project grow by helping us find the right people who are of the same caliber as us so that if we have a conversation then that conversation jumps right into action. It also pushes away the wrong people who would want to pick our brains on trivial stuff like how to network and how to play local shows. We really can’t tell people how to do that because for us it was all luck. We didn’t plan any of this and it was all kind of just being at the right place at the right time.


Jinn Sound Performing at BOO! 2023 with black visual and logo

Credit: @descendantmedia

In what ways has the dance music community in the Pacific Northwest helped you get where you are today?

Well, it’s great that around here the scene is a very small circle but like everybody knows everybody, and once you’re able to tap in, you’re tapped in. Getting to know the artists and producers here has helped to create so much opportunity. It’s super sick to be able to work with people who take the time to learn on their own so when we come together it’s like magic, everything happens super quick. Songs come together super fast, ideas and shows end up just panning out with very little effort.

What do you see coming in 2024 for Jinn Sound?

Our biggest goal is to start pushing the sound. We’ve gotten big shows and gotten local bookings which is cool don’t get me wrong, but the music aspect is about to hit a full swing. We’re talking showcases, monthly releases, more original Jinn visuals, tutorials, and some free Ableton racks. We are going to start giving back to the community that we’ve created from all these shows and give thanks for all the support that we have gotten.

You can listen to Jinn Sound here and see all of their newest announcements here.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!