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Where will Porter Robinson take us with first new album since ‘Worlds’?

Credit: Maddie Welch

Just three weeks into this new decade, Porter Robinson fans across the globe can be heard rejoicing. The poster child for commitment to a creative direction in electronic music announced his second album will be released sometime in 2020, titled Nurture.

In addition to Tuesday’s surprise announcement, the first single off the album, Get your Wish, released January 29th. Following a six-year drought since last releasing under the Porter Robinson project, we can’t help but wonder what direction the new album will take.

Pushing boundaries from the start:

Back in 2011, the OWSLA-released Spitfire EP showcased Porter’s vision of melding complextro with elements of trance music. Although the project was one of his earliest on a major label, it blew up so quickly the Beatport servers crashed on its release.

Ultimately, his next release Language laid the context for his first full-length album, Worlds, to come out three years later. Favoring a more melodic and bass-driven sound, countless artists credit Porter Robinson as inspiration for their own music. Already blurring the bounds between subgenres within electronic music, Worlds harbored the idea of a transformative and surreal concept album.

But after the immediate worldwide success of Worlds, Porter didn’t continue pumping out additional singles. Instead his Virtual Self project took hold, as a way to experiment with an alternate, glitchier sound. After the Virtual Self EP picked up a Grammy nomination, we celebrated, but subconsciously feared the Porter Robinson project would ultimately be put to rest.

What’s next with Nurture?

Above all, we expect to be surprised with anything Porter releases this coming year. This first single will give us a much clearer sense of the upcoming album’s direction, but we hope it includes elements of the hugely emotional drops Porter’s amassed a following from. We’re also looking forward to hearing how the heavy-bass and trance Ghost Voices influences his new album.

After promising fans he “put his entire heart” into this album, we should rest assured that it’s sure to bend the confines of electronic music and take us to another state of being. Tune into the first listen of his new single here, stay tuned for the official release date of Nurture.

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