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The WAKE: Our Experience At Seattle’s 6am Rave

The Morning WAKE

Last Wednesday, while most of Seattle slept, a small group at 415 Westlake awoke together. “What’s wrong with this moment that you have to go somewhere else?” was the mantra repeated while participants of The Wake powered from pose to pose, accompanied by the energy-inducing sounds of EDM. The Wake was a revolutionary experience that brought a new way of breaking the monotony and welcoming what would probably have been another nondescript Wednesday.

Opening with a power-yoga session led by Kevin of Kevin Ng Yoga + Mindfulness, patrons were given three goals for the morning:

1. Break a sweat
2. Meet good people
3. Have a good time

The experience was focused on being in the moment and being present, a mindset we can all take something away from. Working through poses while listening to the likes of Jack U and other dance music favorites, we were reminded to focus inward. This sensory experience was not unlike that moment you find yourself a bit overwhelmed at a massive, yearning for a moment of silence and peace. Immediately this practice resonated with us and showed the importance of being able to “find control in the chaos.”

After this invigorating and inspiring warm up, the group was led in a few dance routines by Mixxedfit to get our feet moving and the vibes flowing. The choreographer had a powerful yell that guaranteed everyone on the floor was awake and attentive. The group then got jiggy to hip-hop and top-40s spun by DJ PK Beats, who inspired the group to get energized and interact. There was even a set of poi being spun by a guest, proving that dance music diehards can perform no matter the hour.

Between DJs, The Good Foot dance crew took the stage with a breakdance performance, where members of the troupe showed off their various talents. The group then joined us on the dance floor, offering to teach a few tricks, showing people how to really break it down. The morning then wrapped up with DJ MARQ and DJ EVA, who delivered a steady beat of techno and house that, while maybe a bit repetitive for 9 a.m., helped everyone get their blood pumping.

Beyond the DJs, dancing and performances, a variety of vendors were in attendance sampling treats like protein bars and probiotic drinks to fuel guests though the experience. Unfortunately, quite a few people seemed to disappear soon after the yoga session. It seemed The Man got the best of us, and many had to ditch out on the fun to get to their day jobs.

Overall, The Wake brought an amazing opportunity to take the gift of dancing and apply it in a way we don’t usually take advantage of. A way to welcome the day and inspire us to be the best, happiest people we can as we go into the world and spread that energy to those around us. Whether we can inspire more people to drag themselves out of bed at 6 a.m. to be a part of this revolution is yet to be determined, but it has nothing but positive implications.

We hope to see you at the next Wake, as we will definitely be there, dancing our yawning little hearts out.

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