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Treyis & Them Lost Boys Stop Time With “Hourglass” (Interview)

Them Lost Boys hour glass

Los Angeles-based duo Them Lost Boys have teamed up with the Northwest’s own Treyis to lead the way in the future of bass music. The triumvirate of Anthony Palazzole, Ian Sansavera (Them Lost Boys), and Spencer Stumpf (Treyis) released their first collaboration effort Hourglass via Pantheon earlier this week. The tune, and the way it was created, are everything that’s great about the dance music scene. A chance meeting, the melding of genres and ideas, the hours of work, and a filthy end product are all part of the Hourglass story.

Hourglass may have never existed if Treyis had not been the person in charge of picking up Them Lost Boys from the airport before their performance at Volume Nightclub last April. It’s been a breakout year for Treyis, full of new releases, collabs, and performances with premier artists throughout the Northwest. With his latest effort, Treyis has produced another reason that he’s one of the great stars coming out of the Northwest dance music scene.

Spencer was the one who picked us up from the airport in Seattle and we got along right away. He played us a track that was this really sick electro tune, and then played it that night at the club and it went off huge, so we talked about collaborating on it.

Talk is cheap, and that’s especially true when it comes to producing music. In a day when anyone with  the latest version of Ableton is a ‘producer’, the trio (Trey Lost Boys, perhaps?) went to work and developed their ideas. That development lead to a collab session in Los Angeles, which gave the track a more defined direction and purpose. The group also put in the necessary time and effort to ensure the sound quality of their tracks. Checking their mixes in headphones, laptop speakers, studios, club systems, and more, Them Lost Boys don’t cut corners in any aspect of their productions.

According to Them Lost Boys, Hourglass initially started off as something completely different, as the guys were considering going in a more electro house direction. But, after some discussion within the group during Treyis’ visit to Los Angeles, the trio decided to stick with the heavier, trap-step style that Them Lost Boys are known for. That evolution turned Hourglass into an interesting fushion of big room electro trap-step, Them Lost Boys said.

Hourglass is available as a free download via Pantheon, an artist collective made up of up-and-coming bass acts. It was started in order to highlight artists in the bass realm while also giving the artists a convenient line of communication on important topics. Pantheon is great because it allows artists to give their fans quality music for free, while still directly benefiting the artists by pushing their tunes to people through their own social networks, rather than others.With companies like Pantheon, everybody wins.

Recently Them Lost Boys have worked with a number of artists and have released collab after collab over the last few months. The string of tracks includes work with Nomster, Gummy, vocalist Lexi Forche’, and now Treyis. Each of these tracks has been released as singles, rather than saved and grouped together for an EP or other project. For Them Lost Boys, it’s been easier and more fun to release singles. Being able to give each song the biggest push possible, while knowing their work and dedication on a specific track won’t go unnoticed are major reasons for their decision to release songs one-by-one.

We’ve talked at length about doing an EP and we always come back to the same conclusion: people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. If you look at EPs that have come out in the past year, generally you’ll see from top to bottom (as far as plays goes) dramatic decreases in attention span.

Beginning with a show in Seattle and ending with a girtty new tune, it’s safe to say the Northwest has been kind to Them Lost Boys, and they’d love to come back for more. We know all too well about the wonderful relationships and memories that can be made in our corner of the country, and it seems as though word is spreading. Many artists, from Above & Beyond to Dada Life, have spoken of their fondness of the Northwest, and now Them Lost Boys can be added to the list of admirers.

The duo placed the Pacific Northwest as their favorite place that they’ve traveled in the last few years, citing the clean air, friendly people, and stellar food. Them Lost Boys said the debate was between Seattle and Portland, and they wish they could have spent more time in the area and would love to return as soon as possible.

We know we’d love for Them Lost Boys to find their way back up to the Northwest! Let us know where you’d like them to come back to perform and what you think of their new tune with Treyis, Hourglass! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!

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Born and raised in the Northwest, professionalized in Pullman. Enjoying the ride that dance music provides in our lovely corner of the country.

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