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Beats on a Bargain: What’s the Deal With EDM Tribute Acts?

Chance are, you’ve probably never seen Daft Punk. The French DJ duo rarely toured, with only a few North American stops in 2007. Even though you missed the real thing, there’s a chance you can catch something far less expensive, more accessible, and maybe even almost as good. That something is the incredibly successful Daft Punk tribute act One More Time.

Utilizing the album Alive 2007 and a versatile production team, two Arizona natives imitate the French duo as headliners. They’re the most successful act in what is a thriving EDM cover scene. Other acts like Livemau5 and Calvin Harrison don iconic personas to perform for crowds as if they were the real thing. As a result, fan favorites are made to be a little easier to watch.

Tributes and covers have been around for years. As a matter of fact rock and roll tributes have been playing for decades to the delight of fans everywhere. These bands fill arenas and provide tons of entertainment capital for the L.A. and Las Vegas music scenes. Fans love the; because they love the music they play. But, if they’re not even watching the real thing, why do they care so much?


Is it the illusion, convenience, or just the price tag?

Unless you were there for either of Daft Punk’s tours, you probably missed them, but that surely hasn’t stopped you from enjoying their music. Fans of an artist know their songs, their sets, maybe their performance traits and set pieces. In other words, fans know what it looks, sounds, and feels like to be at a Deadmau5, Daft Punk, or Calvin Harris show.

What if you could be right there all over again? Or for your first time? Reliving a Deadmau5 experience with Livemau5 or catching One More Time in the absence of Daft Punk is no less of a great night. The music and vibe might be exactly what you’re looking for. Who doesn’t like a good dance to the nostalgia of their favorite DJ? It’s like offering the music festival feel, without the festival price tag!


On that note, the price is significantly less for a tribute act than the real thing. Daft Punk tickets sold during their last world tour for as much as $50.00 USD, meanwhile One More Time tickets are going for $15-20.00 per seat. That’s a steal of a deal! Some of the same great tunes and vibes for less than half the price? It’s not exactly a historical moment, but it might still be a great time.

On that note, when do you think you’ll ever see Daft Punk? They’ve kept to themselves for the past decade, and other artists won’t be touring forever. If you can’t afford the travel fare or ticket price, or if you missed an iconic world tour, you may be better off seeing a tribute. Chances are, it’s the closest you’ll get! So, if your favorite artist ever hangs up their headphones and a tribute act comes around, take the plunge. You may like what you see!

What do you think of tribute acts? Have you ever saw one of these performances? Is there any artist you’d like to see a tribute for? Let us know in the comments!

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