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Oregon’s Own DJ Harlo Releases ‘Step Up’ EP, Talks on Early Influences and Summer Album [Local Spotlight]

Bend, OR native Jason Harlowe, or better known as DJ Harlo, has long been pushing the electric sound in Central Oregon with sleeves rolled up. As part of the ZONKEDOUT artist collective & family, and currently on tour as a DJ for Jay Tablet & Cloaked Characters, Harlo is hard at work elevating the scene and pushing the envelope in the Northwest trap & hip-hop game.


Harlo’s most recent release, Step Up EP, captures the essence of what this young bravado is all about. The three-track originals feature inventive, original sound design, clever sampling, and work to carve out a vibe that is truly his own. Cinema Life blends a trill/dirty south vibe with an evolving piano melody that provide just enough contrast to maintain a clean, progressive energy. The title track, Step Up, is an 808 slugger that goes in prim and proper in all the right ways. Perhaps most unique, and our personal favorite, was his Tribute to the late Steven Rock– it’s a celebration of a life that is better heard than described.

[quote author=”DJ Harlo”]I’ve always had an open mind when it came to new and different sounds. The first time I first got introduced to dance music when I went to these large events in Southern California in the mid 90’s. Mainly the ones from insomniac & midnight bomber themed events where I really got into Trance and Drum & Bass type of music. Artists who really inspired me at the time included people like Deacon, 119 Cru, Aphrodite and Christopher Lawrence; all for whom I have great respect.[/quote]

Needless to say, this dancefloor vet is taking things to the next level and is aiming high with the release of his first full-length album in the Summer:

[quote author=”DJ Harlo”]My album drops this Summer. It will be a merger of several styles I love such as Trap, Trance, Drum & Bass. These genres have their own scenes in the world of EDM, but I embrace them all. There will be a few surprise featured artists on there as well. When people check out my music, I want them to feel that they can shed the outer ego; letting go of the rules that bind us, allowing creativity and the beauty of the child mind to emerge.[/quote]

In addition to wrapping up his April-May tour with Jay Tablet, A Plus, and Nobody, Harlo can be found crushing the decks at The Astro Lounge in Bend, to which he is a resident. Be sure to check out Step Up EP, out now via Mixed Heritage Studios/Ferrara Multimedia.

Grab the EP exclusively on Beatport here!

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