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The 10 best (and worst) EDM Christmas tracks (DMNW Review)

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Could anything be better than the holidays and grooving to vibey dance music? The verdict is in, and for your pleasure, we have decided to bring you the best and worst of EDM Christmas releases.

To help guide you, we’ve scored tracks that make us truly get into the holiday spirit out of 5 candy canes, and the wickedly terrible beats out of 5 lumps of coal. Get ready to blast the ones that make you want to rock around the Christmas tree, or casually play to drive your relatives from your house with their hands over their ears. Think of this as a magical gift from us, just for you. You’re Welcome.

Bing Crosby – White Christmas (Kaskade Remix)

candy-cane-icon candy-cane-icon  candy-cane-icon candy-cane-icon

We would definitely break this out while drinking some festive eggnog and adorning our best ugly sweaters…this literally makes you jump right into a festive mood and makes you feel full of holiday cheer. Images of this playing in Macy’s in Herald Square in New York dance in our heads. Kaskade yet again sleighs it, and matched with the original vocals makes it hold its integrity.

DJ Nico – Last Christmas

Coal-icon Coal-icon

Clearly, this is a track that Armin himself would turn up in his house during the holidays. Weighing in at neither good nor horrible, it’s sort of just there and makes you feel like you’re playing a cheery Holiday themed edition of Mario Kart. It’s worth noting that Last Christmas is probably the most remixed Christmas song ever, and it’s a pretty hard 6/10 to begin with and we’re pretty much sitting there wondering how anyone could realistically think they could make that song better to begin with.

Jesse Slayter & Wuki – Rock Them Bells

candy-cane-icon candy-cane-icon candy-cane-icon

This song is honestly pretty great! Talk about taking Christmas music to a level you honestly wouldn’t expect. It would be Diplo that would be inventive enough to take traditional Christmas songs and steer them to an unexpected place. Imagine breaking this song out while you go caroling…imbibed.  And we don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t find themselves singing along to Deck the Halls? Holly Jolly FTW.

Stephen Walking – Sleigh Ride

candy-cane-icon candy-cane-icon candy-cane-icon candy-cane-icon

We love how this tracks sticks with a traditional wintry evening, sleigh ride through the woods themed vibe, but also how this remix has created a more funky, festive party beat that’s simple, but very effective. This song will bring a smile to your face and by the end of the song you’ll probably be hugging Santa and really everyone else in the room too.

Cascada – Last Christmas

Coal-icon Coal-icon Coal-icon Coal-icon

It’s almost impossible, wait, it IS impossible to make a list of some of the most cheesy holiday songs and not include the Mariah Carey of EDM pop. Oh Cascada…we should probably just grab you some toasted brie and call it a day. It’s really so bad that it’s good…MAYBE. The general tune of the song however does sound like a DJ experimenting after just investing in his first synthesizer. Peep the music video and check out 1:50-2:30 ish, it’s a rather charming story.

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