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Listen to the best up-and-coming bass artists of 2020

Not much else can be said that hasn’t already about the difficulties of this year. Despite monumental challenges, several artists took the time off from touring and turned instead to perfecting their music production. Most notably, artists right on the cusp of adulthood have launched their careers in bass music. Moore Kismet, Jaron, and Control Freak each walk distinct lines through the spectrum of the genre, and it’s clear their careers are only getting started. End the year on a positive note supporting the best up-and-coming young artists in bass music below.

Moore Kismet

Arguably no artist is more deserving of recognition than Moore Kismet. The recently-turned 16 year old has made music since as young as seven years old. Kismet treats listeners across the globe to decadently complex experimental bass tracks. But they also use their music as a creative outlet to express their personal struggles as a non-binary person of color in music against a radically homogenous landscape of white male artists.

Picking up releases on massive labels like Never Say Die, Bassrush, and Disciple, they’re quickly rising to front and center attention of fellow artists. They’ve also become a regular to the live streaming stages this year in quarantine including Digital Mirage and Insomniac. Kismet is receiving massive attention as an artist to watch next year, but you’d better believe their career is only just getting started. If this is your first introduction to them, do yourself a favor and check out Moore Kismet’s Night Mode Records live stream on Insomniac’s channel below.


Next on the list, 18-year-old Jaron also began experimenting with music at the age of seven years old. He released his first single, Departure, at the age of 14. Taken under the wing of Ekali, Jaron booked his first supporting act slot for a headline tour in 2018. Also similar to Moore Kismet, Jaron has shown out on live streams consistently what he does best. Sweepingly grand melodic future bass can be counted on the docket for any of his live mixes.

Pulling inspiration from the major future bass pioneers like Rustie and Porter Robinson, Jaron delivers emotion and vocals dispersed between dramatic pauses. Any type of listener can find his music accessible and refreshing enough to feel renewed. Something about his music stirs a young and hopeful feeling maybe related to his set for Cardinal Fest in early 2020. Filmed from his bedroom, the view pans from above his Pioneer CDJ setup to dancing his heart out with headphones. Check out the set below.

Control Freak

No list of young artists to watch in bass music would be complete without an homage to dubstep, and 18 year old Control Freak delivers hard for roundup. First put on the map in 2018, the Brooklyn-based riddim and dubstep producer has been working hard behind the scenes. After releasing his La Resaka flip last year other producers have chomped at the bit to play it in their own sets. The track flips classic influence from Latin America into a brassy, swagger-filled instrumental unheard of elsewhere.

Following the track’s instant success, Control Freak kept his foot on the gas. Now he’s got releases on Never Say Die, Disciple, and Excision’s new Subsidia label. If you need an introduction, look no further than his set on the Peekaboo livestream from Insomniac.

Paving the way for the next generation of bass artists

Above all, these artists have brought something new to the table for bass music each in their own way. As technology and music becomes more accessible to a wider range of ages we’ll only see a growing number of young artists in the scene. Given everything that’s happened this year, it’s incredible to witness the dedication of any artist whose career is taking off. In the cases of Moore Kismet, Jaron, and Control Freak, they’re only getting started. If nothing else, it’s clear they’ll conquer next year and beyond.


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1 Comment

  1. Kylo

    March 25, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    Since when did dubstep become even more distorted and contorted?!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!