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3 Reasons Why You Should Follow Dillon Francis On Snapchat

Noodle soup is a popular dish here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s easy to make, can be customized to the taster’s preference, and offers many health benefits. Sounds delicious right? Dillon Francis certainly thinks so, and he’s taking to Snapchat to show off his various noodle recipes in a hilarious series called “The Dip.” Soup isn’t the only thing this Mad Decent artist is cooking up on the popular social media app. Here are three reasons as to why you should follow the Resolution 2015 headliner, and Paradiso 2016 performer, on Snap.

1. The Skits

Why browse Netflix for a good laugh when there are Dillion Francis’ random Snapchat skits to be had? For instance: Francis and his friends are partying. Francis’ phone alarm goes off. It’s midnight. “Time for sleep!” he says, abruptly ending the night to his friends’ dismay. The lights turn off. Francis’ two friends decide they want to keep the party going. Every movement they make, every object they touch… Dillon Francis is there with a flashlight saying “hey!” The friends decide to go to sleep, until they hear a weird noise. They go to investigate and ultimately discover a “sleepwalking” Dillon in a dress and makeup! The friends, scared out of their minds, take a cab to a hotel – much to Dillon’s objection. Credits roll. There’s no way we could make all of that up!

2. Gerald and the Random Alien

Cats. Dogs. Fish. Various reptiles. These are some examples of traditional household pets. Pinatas?

Dillon Francis shares a home with one, a red horse named Gerald. And their relationship is one of love and hate. Becoming more common are snaps of Dillon flicking off Gerald and calling him a “fucking piece of shit!” Then, there are snaps where Gerald has disappeared from his tiny wall space, which causes Dillon to get alarmed. Once Gerald is discovered, he gets scolded and taken back to his wall spot. If that doesn’t sound like love, then we don’t know what is.

Gerald is an outgoing character, who takes a lot of crap. Then there’s his fellow housemate, Klaus: the turnt alien. He’s been known to be outside sunbathing, rocking the freshest threads, or creepily looking at the camera from behind a piece of furniture. A mystery to say the least. We’re staying tuned to learn more about this ballin’ extraterrestrial.

3. New Music

Want to know what Dillon Francis is cooking in his music lab? Follow him on Snapchat for some dope previews! Who knows, you might hear them at the Gorge this summer!

Dillon Francis is one of many electronic artists who are taking to Snapchat to connect with fans. Who are some of your favorite EDM snappers (is that a word?) Comment below or use the hashtag #DMNW!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!