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Anna Lunoe keeping the ShipFam! moving at Foundation


5 Questions With Anna Lunoe At Foundation Nightclub

Yesterday may have been International Women’s Day, but we are all about celebrating badass women all year long. We got to catch up with Anna Lunoe when she swung through Foundation Nightclub on her way to her first Holy Ship! adventure, and we were once again blown away by both her All Out on stage energy and how delightfully down to earth she was once we sat down with her. Anna’s talents go far beyond what she does on stage and it was a blast to pick her brain on such things as music selection, where she’s taking her sound next, and the finer points of equestrian equipment.

If you missed her in January you are in luck, she’ll be back in the area on April 25th for the Seattle (well, Tacoma) stop of the Go HARD Tour and tickets are still on sale. This is one you won’t want to miss as this woman will absolutely tear up a larger stage. If you’re feeling lucky or just hate Ticketmaster fees you can also enter to win tickets here!

[divider]5 Questions With Anna Lunoe[/divider]

1. You’ve got really high energy during your set and we love that. Where does it come from?

It’s like something… even when I’m feeling low energy people always say ‘omg you were so energetic’ and I’m just like ‘oh my God I didn’t sleep last night.. I’m dead!’ I don’t know, it’s just, you get up there and everyone’s made such an effort to come and see you, and you want to make it worth it to them. And you want to make sure everyone’s having a good time, like, I’m not gonna stand up there and cry, I’m gonna enjoy it.

2. What makes the Seattle set a little different from anywhere else you play?

I think that Seattle is such a, very deep crowd. They kind of have a lot of musical patience and they’re not the kind of crowd where you gotta keep (snaps fingers) entertaining them or otherwise they’ll get bored and walk away. It’s like people have patience and they want you to give them something. They’re like open, waiting for you to give them energy kind of things. So I think it’s a really good place to play for for me. I really enjoy playing here.

3. You used to have to sneak into your brother’s rooms when they weren’t home to listen to music. How has that affected your sets and how you find your music?

I guess back in the day.. it was before the internet, when you discovered something musical that you liked it was literally because you went through the bargain bin at the CD store and listened to 50 different songs. It’s still the same now. I download 200 songs every week and listen to them all and honestly I keep 4. Everything else I just chuck it. Everything else I’m like “no, no no.” I guess it’s the same, you do the same amount of listening, in fact you probably do 10 times more listening but you have more informed choices now and when I was younger it was literally like a drop in the ocean, like I’d listen through a thousand shitty movie soundtracks and find like one song I liked, so it was like a different deal.

4. Holy Ship! is coming up in just a little bit. What’s special about Holy Ship! for someone who’s never been there?

I haven’t actually been there yet, February will be my first Holy Ship! What I do know is that people who go there are like never the same, they come and they make friends with all ship people and they hang out with people and they come to our shows and they’re like dressed up, and they’ve got Gary heads and they’ve got um, just crazy outfits and sailors hats and everything. I don’t know, I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to go and see what it’s all about and experience it for myself. It’s been 4 years every January just being green with jealousy so it’s about time I get on that ship!

5. With other things you’ve done do you have any particular favorite sets that stick out in your mind like for any reason, maybe the crowd was amazing or you dropped something you hadn’t done before?

Actually we were just talking about it, a set that I did in 2013, it was Kaleidoscope fest and it was like this crazy moment where I had just moved to America and really no one knew me here and it was just like  it was like this perfect storm where this crowd was like, I got this amazing set time, the main stage closed and everyone came to my stage, I actually ended up stage diving which I’d never done before and I’ve never done since. It was like a one off, my one and only stage dive. And it was really special. So, yeah that would probably be one of my favorite shows ever.

Bonus Question: What made moving from Australia to the US difficult and what did that teach you?

It was really exciting because I came over not expecting anything, it was exciting again just to get the smallest opportunities. It was completely wiping the slate clean, wiping off your ego and being like, ok I need to make enough money to pay my rent this month. That’s my first goal. And then I can work out how I can make it happen from there. It was a great reset but I wasn’t a beginner, I had a lot of knowledge and awareness and stuff so it was like a fun thing, it wasn’t so much a scary thing as it was just like, I recon could do that and I gave myself a challenge and trying to beat it. So I’m glad, I’m super glad I did it even though it was really hard. When you want to do something you just have to do it even if it’s a ridiculous thing and your parents are saying you’re an insane person.

Anna Lunoe is a woman who defies definition, and we never get tired of the incredibly high energy and enthusiasm she brings to her self. She truly brought the house down at Foundation and we can’t wait to have her back. Keep your eyes and ears open for this woman, she has many surprises and treats in store for us this year that are bound to amaze as she continues to carve her niche in the big world of EDM.


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Lizzy has been raving since the wee age of 14 after being grounded for a month for having rave fliers in her bag. Like her other love, snowboarding, what was supposed to be "a phase" has become an essential part of her life and she is excited to see a new generation developing the same love.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!