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6 Overplayed Tropical House Tracks That Make Us Yearn For Fall

There’s a lot of people who say they can get down to some country music, as long as it’s a sunny Summer day. Some people may share that same opinion on the inherently Summer-sounding sub-genre of Tropical House. No matter what level your desired daily (or seasonal) dosage of Tropical House is, there’s probably be a few tracks that you’ve heard too many times. So, as much fun as it’s been getting down to pan flutes all season, all good things must come to an end. Here are six Tropical House tracks that we’ll be glad to hear a whole let less of with the coming of Fall.

[divider]1. Kygo – Firestone (Ft. Conrad)[/divider]

We loved Kygo back when we was just a remix phenomenon. When he came out with his first original track, we were borderline obsessed with it. But after hearing Firestone on the radio, in club and festival sets, and in countless mixes we’re just plain over it. Still waiting on the announcement of Ice Stone!

[divider]2. Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)[/divider]

When Little Talks infiltrated our radio waves in its original form the first time around, we were bobbing our heads and singing along with everyone else. When Thomas Jack remixed it we were ready for Round 2, adding in the point-at-the-air-and-say-“boop” dance (you know the one!). It’s just been too many “boops” for us now, and we’re tired of dancing like this. Next, please!

[divider]3. Sam Feldt – Show Me Love[/divider]

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this track. It would be rude to talk smack about it, just because we’ve heard it too many times. We love to dance as much as the next guys do, but we’ve been overexposed. You’ve got to show me loooove!

[divider]4. Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Down (ft. Jasmine Thompson)[/divider]

Beautiful vocals combined with happy tropical vibes and sultry saxophone could only create one thing: a song worth overplaying. Deep down we’re singing along, but we’re trying to resist. It’s time for the sun to go down on this track.

[divider]5. Klingande – Jubel[/divider]

God bless the saxophone in this song. We’re doing the shimmy-and-head-toss-combo just thinking about this groovy track, but damn it this has to end. It graced the track lists of many Summer mixes, and it deserved it every time. However, we can only go on for so long and as the song goes, “SAVE ME.”

[divider]6. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)[/divider]

Babyyy we love this track, deep down. If it comes back around again next summer we won’t be mad, we just need some space until then. It’s smooth and sultry, classic yet new. Who wouldn’t love a well-done Marvin Gaye Remix? Terrible people, that’s who. But somewhere after the 20 millionth Soundcloud play it lost it’s luster. Maybe we don’t need to break up with this one, just take a break, see other remixes for a while. We’ll see you again someday, Marvin.


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Hailing from the golden hills of California, Tina lives for sunny days in Seattle. With an expansive taste and hunger for both food and music, she loves all things from Celine Dion to Slipknot (and of course EDM).

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1 Comment

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!