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The all-stars of the Mau5trap label

By Rukes

We all know about Deadmau5. Joel Zimmerman has been taking over mainstages for the greater part of the last 13 years. The young DJ’s and producers that makeup Mau5trap aren’t creating the same headlines, but their music is outstanding.

If you need some new music to listen to, this is your spot. Over the last 6 months, we have been addicted to I_O and more recently, his best friend on Mau5trap No Mana. Later we will touch on some more traditional techno With BlackGummy before entering the dark progressive trance territory of EDDIE.


If you haven’t heard what I_O has been doing the last year then you are certainly missing out. The young producer is on multiple festival lineups from EDC, Paradiso, and Das Energi. His music is definitely techno inspired, but it is different enough that it has to be called something else.

I_O’s EDC set is a must listen. If you need more mixes from the Techno Demon then check out his Group Therapy radio mixes that he did for Above & Beyond. With I_O’s recent success he has brought his friend No Mana into the limelight. No Mana is a progressive house DJ that has an addictive sound.


Rezz grew from “up-and-coming” status to superstar in just a few years, after building the bulk of her early releases on the mau5trap label. Much of the recent swing in popularity for dark, mid-tempo music can be traced back to the rice of the Canadian producer and DJ. In the years since her debut, Rezz has helped shape the modern form of the genre, all the while presiding over one of the most loyal and enthusiastic fanbases in all of electronic music.

No Mana

We can’t stop listening to No Mana. His music is inspired by the grind from MMORPG’s like World Of Warcraft. With a certain edge to it. After digging through his discography No Mana has a full range of songs from progressive trance, house, and heavy electro. After releasing nearly 30 official tracks on his Spotify he has mastered his craft.
Watch this clip from I_O and No Mana’s b2b at Electric Daisy Carnival.


BlackGummy is a techno gummy bear. With his unique sound, he toured the major festival circuit in 2018. He creates punchy techno beats throughout his performances. He was successful long before I_O’s project took storm. For example, BlackGummy performed at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2018.


EDDIE has progressive synths that resemble Eric Prydz or Grum, but then the drops are dirty and heavy, EDDIE is unlike any production project before.  Listen to his 6 track album and multiple EPs on your streaming service of choice.

Not to mention already established producers on Mau5trap like Feed Me and Rezz. They have been doing exciting things for the last couple of years. The four producers highlighted in this article are on the rise. Maybe you have heard of them or not, either way, we are so obsessed that we had to share. We hope you love their music too.

What do you think of these producers from Mau5trap? Did we miss out on anyone from the label? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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