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Our Favorite Pranks & Jokes from April Fools 2017

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Now that April 1st has come and gone and the dust has settled, we can go back to believing most others say. April Fools has certainly gained more steam with the dawn of the internet and social media. It’s easy to forget the date and get wrapped up in some of these cruel, yet funny posts. Most are usually obvious and get a quick laugh and others are so complex it makes them almost believable. So now that we’ve had a chance to sift through them, we’ve gone ahead and picked out a few of our favorites from this year’s April Fools.

PK Sound Announces New “Turbo Encabulator”

We have no shame in admitting we’ve got a soft spot for bass. And when it comes to best sound in the industry, PK Sound is certainly at the head of the pack. With their latest Gravity line of subwoofers, the small Calgary based company has been bringing the noise for several years. Anyone who’s attended Shambhala, Paradiso, EDC…or really any major festival across the PNW have experienced the power of a PK rig. This April Fools, PK officially announced their latests product promising massive sound…ON THE GO! With 6 “Hydrocoptic  Marzel Vanes” for extra SPL and enclosed in “Prefamulated Amulite”. The PK “Turbo Encabulator” is a full two inches of bass fury!

Skiitour & Smalltown DJ’s Make Trade

We love Skiitour and we love Smalltown DJ’s. This one just had us outright laughing hystarically when we first saw this on Skiitour’s Tim Livingstone’s Facebook page. Sitting “opposing views” and a move to “target a younger, more hip audience”, this trade could’ve possibly opened the doors for the makings of some interesting tracks. We think the most important question to ask though is: who ends up being “SmallTour” and “SkiiTown DJs”?

Shambhala Music Festival 2017 Lineup

So we started off with a few easy ones, but the next one hits hard. We’ve all been anxiously waiting for the Shambhala 20 lineup to be released. So much so, we’ve even put together an extensive stage-by-stage wish list! Festivals are no stranger to receiving fake lineups, especially when theirs a mounting level of hype prior to it’s release. When this hit the SMF group (a tad early) we immediately fell for it. Then after a closer look remembered the date and had to chuckle. While this lineup is a monster list of artists we’re going to go out on a line and say Tiny Rick, Just A Digeridoo and Ali G (Da Realist) will likely not be on this year’s lineup. We’ll admit this one was a little cruel and made its way around the internet pretty quick before people noticed it was fake. Either way, the original poster got a serious April Fools in on us all. Good news however is Shambhala made an official announcement later that the lineup will be released this coming week!

DeadMau5 and Eric Prydz Announce B2B Tour

Photo: YouTube

Another CRUEL and very elaborate April Fools prank, this one coming from The original post came off as a legit announcement and featured 15 tour dates across N. America. We’re not going to lie, when we first saw the article, we immediately thought “APRIL FOOLS”! But then gave it a read and began to wonder if there was some truth behind it. A little more digging would eventually lead us to just the sad, disappointing truth, that this too, was just another masterfully crafted April Fools joke.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!