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ARMNHMR goes in depth on new EP and headline tour experience (DMNW Interview)

The dance music duo, ARMNHMR is kicking off 2022 with a bang. Releasing five-track EP Waiting For Love with a headlining tour, ARMNHMR is showing no stop to this year. No strangers to the dance music scene, the duo has been making catchy drops and melodic tracks for many years. They have earned a spot for themselves on the EDM totem pole.

Their headlining tour sold out the first five stops across the west coast, proving that they will be a west coast and PNW favorite. The new EP features RUNN, Synymata, and many up-and-coming artists that will bring something new to your daily listens.

We had the chance to catch up with the duo and see how they are doing on their tour so far and exciting new projects in 2022. Check out our full interview below!

DMNW: The Waiting For Love tour kicked off last month, congrats! What has been your favorite show so far?

ARMNHMR: To be honest…every show has been amazing. If we were to choose it would definitely have to be the first stop in Los Angeles. Just gotta show some love for our hometown crowd. The energy has been so high at every show so far, but nothing beats the vibe and familiar faces of a hometown show. It just feels like we’re throwing our own party for our friends and family.

DMNW: There are still two more months of the tour left, are there more surprises in store? What can you share?

ARMNHMR: Can’t say much yet, but the tour has been an amazing way to test out some of our unreleased music. Since the pandemic, we’ve been writing non-stop. We’ve been working hard on our off-days, finishing as much as we can while on tour, and the shows are the best way to get instant feedback!

DMNW: Your new EP just came out, what do you hope fans take away from this one?

ARMNHMR: All we want is just to make a connection with our fans. Life is difficult and the entire ‘Waiting For Love’ EP was meant to embody the messiness of life. Love, just like life, isn’t simple. Time is the only way we’ll tell. It’s about dealing with change and the pain and/or joy that comes with it.

DMNW: “Falling Apart” attracted a lot of attention when it was released. Can you tell us the back story to producing that song?

ARMNHMR: We first started the process of writing “Falling Apart” around the middle of the pandemic. The entire world was going through an introspective period and the song was our way of expressing ourselves. “Falling Apart” is about understanding vulnerability and about just wanting to be supported. Many of us are not looking for someone to fix our issues, or even to be our foundation. Sometimes we just want somebody to be there when we’re at our worst.

DMNW: This seems like a huge year for you guys, what’s in the cards after you get back home? Any albums in the works?

ARMNHMR: We’re just so happy to be able to do this again! For us, we’re trying to make the most of this unique opportunity and responsibility we have. When we’re back home it’s back into our caves to wrap up our unfinished projects. As far as future albums? We have already begun the process of writing a sophomore album, but not entirely sure when it’ll be ready. We like our music to grow organically so only time will tell!

DMNW: We saw a lot of artists experimenting with their sound during the pandemic. Do you feel you were able to explore different directions on the EP?

ARMNHMR: We think we have. There are a few songs like “Lonely Nights” and “Can’t Let You Go” that were written to hit home for our fans, but most of our other tracks were really meant to explore ourselves creatively. Both of us have different musical tastes outside of EDM and we tried to incorporate as much of our own unique tastes into the ARMNHMR sound.

DMNW: Any last words for your fans in the PNW?

ARMNHMR: We appreciate each and every one of you who have supported us over the years! Every time we return to the PNW we’ve been blessed to see our ARMNHMR family grow. The PNW holds a special place in our hearts because it was one of the first few cities we were able to tour in when music first became serious for us. We’ve had so many memories over the years that we really do consider it a home away from home.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!