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Arturia V Collection 7 introduces four new or updated instruments

The latest update of Arturia’s fantastic digital instrument bundle has been well worth the wait. Featuring the new sounds of four new or updated instruments, it feels like the update we didn’t know we needed. The addition of the Mellotron, Synthi, and CZ are well appreciated and expand the sonic palette of V Collection tremendously. We put these three new plugins to the test in our latest installation of DMNW Demos to construct a hip hop and downtempo dance-inspired beat!

Mellotron V

The original Mellotron is an instrument which is played by pressing keys which move pieces magnetic tape against a playback head, presented in the form of a piano keyboard. When the key is released, the tape retracts to its starting position. These legendary instruments were made popular by The Moody Blues and The Beatles but have gone on to be used by contemporary artists.

A huge limitation to the older versions was the number of voices… an issue that is not limiting whatsoever in the V Collection interpretation. The Mellotron V has an incredible tape sample library from the original instruments. The plugin also has the capability to blend multiple voices as you like, a feature which we employed to create the chords for our song.

The GUI’s in Arturia plugins are among the best on the market. We love the look of the Mellotron and the functionality doesn’t suffer whatsoever.

Synthi V

Synthi V is an emulation of the famous EMS synthesizers made famous by artists like Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk. The distinct EMS Synthi A uses a unique patch matrix with resistive pins. It also boasts a robust modulation matrix which allows virtually infinite routing possibilities. The unpredictable nature of the beast also often results in unexpected sounds similar to the Buchla Easel V, also included in V Collection. We utilized this synth for the bass in our production.


V Collection has been missing a recreation of the classic Casio CZ-101 and CZ-1000- CZ V combines both synths in one convenient interface. The instrument sounds great and offers a fresh take on FM synthesis. This synth provided weird textures and atmosphere for our composition.

We’re impressed with the new V Collection 7’s features as well as price. For only $399 you can get all these new plugins as well as the rest of the library. See why V Collection is one of our favorite digital instrument bundles on the market and try it out today!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!