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Audien Talks New Collaboration with Echosmith (Interview)

With countless times on the Billboard charts, a Grammy nomination, and selling out shows all across the world, Audien is no newbie in the dance music scene. He started producing music in 2008, creating unforgettable remixes such as Pompeii, magical originals such as Something Better and collaborations with many top artists such as MAX, Deb’s Daughter, Lady Antebellum and more!

Audien has been working hard and his new single Favorite Sound is coming out Friday, March 8th. We had the chance to chat with Audien about his new song, collaborations and more. Check out the full interview below!

Dance Music Northwest: What does it feel like to be called a Grammy Award Nominated DJ/Producer?

Audien: It feels surreal, but I never think about it. It’s just something that makes me feel good, and I guess it’ll be with me forever!

DMNW: You share a lot of your musical knowledge and wisdom on social media, and now you are doing a JBL master class with aspiring artists. What made you want to do this?

Audien: This is the beginning of a trilogy of other teachings I’ll be doing over the next few years. I really want to share knowledge and help people in ways I didn’t have access to. I feel like teaching some of my strategies will also help me figure out new ones for myself. There’s nothing better than talking it out.

DMNW: You have a new track, Favorite Sound, with Echosmith. Why did you choose to collaborate with this alternative pop group?

Audien: I’ve been a fan of Echosmith for years! Their melodies, Sydney’s voice, I feel like they’re the perfect young band making inspiring music. I did a song with Lady Antebellum that did pretty well for me, and I felt like Echosmith was a good next collaboration in that arena. They rock.

Photo: Red Music

DMNW: What is different about Favorite Sound compared to your other tracks?

Audien: Favorite Sound is far different sonically, but also lyrically. The song speaks to something I go through all the time as an artist, and it’s something I’ve never really attached myself with until now. We are our worst judge, always bringing ourselves down – this song embraces that feeling and makes it okay, takes power away from it. Confidence is key.


DMNW: Can you walk us through your creative process for Favorite Sound?

Audien: I actually was lucky enough to hear some Echosmith demos, and this one stuck out for me. I immediately got the parts and started working on it. It came together rather quickly, and I kept a lot of the original instrumental parts since it was so good. It was really fluid actually.

DMNW: From remixes to originals, you have made some amazing tunes! What is your favorite song/track that you have ever made and/or remixed?

Audien: Favorite Sound by far, so far! Something Better came before that, and I have so many good memories attached to the Pompeii Remix. They all have a story and are all a point on the timeline of my life. It’s cool that I have little markers on the timeline through music.

DMNW: From Lady Antebellum to MAX and now Echosmith, compared to other DJs you collaborate a lot more with artists from other genres. What genre of music inspires your creative style the most?

Audien: I am highly inspired by classic rock. Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Van Halen. If you really listen, you can hear magnificent melodies and messages that sit well below the surface of their music, and I try to take those ideas and make them the forefront in my songs. It’s all about the melodies.

DMNW: Any big tours and festivals coming up?

Audien: HUGE! Beyond Wonderland, another huge festival that I can’t mention yet, and a bunch of other great festivals this summer. I am also planning some shows with some friends. Stay tuned!

DMNW: You have many fans here in Seattle, when will we see you again?

Audien: The Gorge! I’m playing the Group Therapy Weekender 2019 and I couldn’t be more excited. The Gorge is one of my favorite venues ever (everyone’s favorite), but I also can’t wait to play again in Seattle proper.

DMNW: Any last words you would like to add?

Audien: Stay true to yourself!

Listen to Audien’s new track Favorite Sound below.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!