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AWAY, Roniit, Crywolf team up for ‘Parasite,’ just in time for Halloween

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Just when it seemed like this year couldn’t seem more doom-struck there’s finally a track to embody our unease. Parasite, a new track out from AWAY, Crywolf, and Roniit, is a chilling testament of terror fit for Halloween.

Although this is the trio’s first release together, we’d be anxious to hear what else they imagine. All three artists are well regarded for their experimental, often alternative style of music which teed them up to create this wildly unexpected, apocalyptic track. Listen to Parasite below for the full review.

Parasite: a true collaboration from three corners of artists

Typically known for breathy, crooning melodies, Roniit unleashed something more visceral for Parasite. Equal parts haunting and captivating, she sings into a drop with broken “parasite” phrased over a low-frequency bass line. It’s clear to see AWAY’s influence in the first drop, with characteristic dark-sounding synths and bass.

But the highest focal point of the track comes during the last third, as the echoes of just Roniit’s vocals are magnified into a stirring drop with AWAY and Crywolf. The combination of bass, trap, instrumentals, vocals, and cymbals elicit a sense of fear consistent with struggles many of us have faced in the past months.

There’s something special about a project that musters so much poignant clarity. As the world feels increasingly uncertain Parasite is five minutes of feeling understood. Fearful during a short absence of sound into almost overpowering noise, Parasite exits with a hanging piano melody leaving resolution off the table.

But perhaps the bigger takeaway from the track is the beauty of a collaboration from three distinctly different sounds, which Crywolf summed up well in this Facebook post prior to the release:

Crywolf continues to push the boundaries of electronic music

If you’ve listened to melodic dubstep for a while, chances are pretty good you’ve run across Crywolf at some point. Something of a pioneer, Crywolf has combined emotionally ethereal vocals into melodic drops for the better part of decade. With an alternative flair and instrumental exploration that strikes every album and track differently, the only certainty of his music is the cinematic ability to create emotion.

Besides that, it’s difficult not to be moved by the sheer diversity of his releases. Following three full-length albums he confirmed a fourth coming next year. With substantial PNW tours and releases on B.C-based label Monstercat, Crywolf has built a fruitful listener base in our region.

Thankfully, each of these artists have abundant released discographies. After this track, it just may make you listen to their solo releases with newfound perspective. Take a few minutes to dive into their new track, out now on Night Mode. A standalone alternative electronic production, Parasite is sure to stay on repeat this Halloween season. Listen to Parasite now, from Crywolf, AWAY, and Roniit.

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