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BANKS’ The Goddess Tour Hits Seattle This Fall

Banks Tour Dates

If you aren’t quite sure who this BANKS person is yet, let us introduce you to this soul capturing artist. Jillian Banks, most commonly known as BANKS, is a self-taught singer and songwriter who took the pain of her parents’ divorce and turned it into something inspiring.

You don’t have the tools at that age [15] to really know how to work things out in your own head. I felt very alone and helpless. I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling or who to talk to. Then somebody gave me this toy keyboard as a gift. –BBC News

The toy keyboard “wasn’t a really high quality one” but it was the beginning of something that would bring joy to listeners of all ages.

BANKS slips in and out of genres with an ease so effortless, it once again serves as a reminder to leave your tags behind. Hip-hop, Pop, R&B, Alternative, Electronic… they all live in this very place. And she can be any or all. Or none. A singer. A poet. A pianist. A narrator. An artist.

With the variety of genres that BANKS explores, it’s nice to not think about tags or labels for a minute, and instead enjoy what you’re experiencing in the moment. BANKS’ most recent release, Beggin For Thread is going to be a playground for producers. Songs like Drowning, which is already a masterpiece, was remixed by Love Thy Brother and taken to the next level.

Whether you are someone who listens to music for the lyrics, the vocals, the instrumentals, or whatever the reason, it will be hard to dismiss BANKS completely without giving her songs at least a listen or two. If you’ve been a fan of BANKS for sometime, you’ll be happy to learn that she will be visiting the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday, October 14th for an all ages show. The Goddess Tour will take place at The Showbox in Seattle, Washington. With tickets starting at $19.99 ($27.49 after fees) this will be a perfect opportunity to catch a BANKS show at a reasonable price. Take a listen to this quickly rising artist and let us know what you think of her original tracks, as well as her electronic remixes and tell us which you prefer.

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