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Glamping at Paradiso on a budget! See you at The Gorge!


The comprehensive packing checklist for Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge

Rave family! We are only a few short days away from experiencing the first annual Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge. After a postponement in 2020, we are ready to be back in action to close out the fall festival season in style. With the weather cooling down and many of us emerging from a pandemic-induced break from the festival scene, we are bringing you a comprehensive packing list for The Gorge!

We all know planning with a group of people can be stressful, so we are here to help make your raving and camping experience as smooth as possible. Our team here at Dance Music Northwest has gathered its collective experience and made a complete checklist of everything you need from camping gear, clothing, food, to overall festival needs.

The Festival Must-Haves

Aside from your ticket and ID, don’t forget Beyond Wonderland is an event where you must show proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID test within 72 hours. Digital copies are accepted, but be sure to remember this essential item along with your mask! If you’d like to check out the official COVID policy and rules, you can view it on the Insomniac website.

Here are some other Must-Haves to bring:

  • Earplugs – please take care of your hearing!
  • Water – don’t forget to hydrate! Bring an empty bottle with you inside the venue as there are free water stations!
  • Sunscreen – even when it’s cloudy the Gorge gets a ton of UV
  • Sealed Chapstick & Gum
  • Credit/Debit Cards or cash – if you wish to purchase anything on site!
  • Portable phone charger and/or charging bank
  • Sunglasses – multiple pairs in case you lose some
  • Masks – these are required; don’t forget!
  • Multiple layers of clothing – it can get cold at The Gorge at night!
  • Small backpack or fanny pack

Camping Essentials


Photo By: Insomniac Events

If you are one of the many in the campgrounds at The Gorge, there is a laundry list of items one should bring to ensure the best camping experience. Also, don’t worry, if you think you forgot something or left it at home, The Gorge features an on-site general store where you can get many of the items listed below.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag(s)
  • Pillow
  • Mattress pad or inflatable mattress
  • Extra blankets – for those cold desert nights
  • Canopy or tarps – in case of sun and rain
  • Camp totem or flag – so you can recognize your place from afar
  • First-aid kit
  • Multi-tool
  • Camping chairs
  • Cooler with food – bring plenty of ice!
  • Bug spray
  • Lantern or headlamp
  • Portable camp stove
  • Propane
  • Trash bags – leave no trace!
  • Collapsible table


  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush + hair ties
  • Face wash/wipes
  • Eyedrops
  • Vicks
  • Aloe vera
  • Baby powder
  • Hand sanitizer – it’s still a pandemic, reduce your risk
  • Ibuprofen, Tylenol
  • Allergy meds – The Gorge can get dusty
  • Gatorade or electrolyte tablets you can throw in your pack (like these)
  • Melatonin

Miscellaneous Goods

Ever been camping at a festival and thought “oh yeah, I should have brought that!” We have a great list of assorted and miscellaneous items that we’ve regretted not bringing time and time again.

  • Mirror – so you can ensure you are looking fly
  • Card or board games – for before or after the show
  • Glow sticks
  • Baby wipes – we all know there can be long lines at the showers
  • Portable speaker
  • Kandi and kandi supplies
  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Jumper cables – car batteries die accidentally all the time
  • Tapestries – to sit on, or for some added shade!
  • Extra shoes or flip flops
  • Duct tape – you’d be surprised how often this comes in handy

We are beyond excited to be headed back to The Gorge for what is sure to be a fantastic event! If you are interested in attending Beyond Wonderland, there are still passes and camping available, but get on it soon as it’s almost sold out!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!