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DMNW’s complete BOO! Seattle 2022 artist guide

Looking for a way to celebrate Halloween this year in Seattle?

Consider attending the Insomniac-curated BOO! festival, on October 29 & 30. Last year was the festival’s first edition, and it went off without a hitch. Now back for the second installment, DMNW is here to provide our artist-by-artist guide to BOO! Seattle 2022.

Boo Seattle 2022 lineup

Friday, October 28

Alison Wonderland

Consistently putting on incredibly fun performances, Alison Wonderland’s return to the PNW couldn’t come at a better time. We obviously love the music, but the fact that she’s also outspoken on mental health makes us appreciate the Aussie even more. Recently profiled in the documentary Underplayed, Alison Wonderland is among the most important voices in dance music today. Hot off her fourth studio album and an extremely fun performance at Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge, we can’t wait to see her again. 


Another returning artist who’s performed in the PNW and the Gorge a handful of times, ARMNHMR has been consistently releasing tunes throughout the last year-plus. The California-based duo, made up of Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella, were also regulars at the Insomniac Virtual Rave-A-Thon series at the beginning of quarantine in 2020. While keeping busy has been great, getting back on stage in front of fans is what ARMNHMR is all about, and getting to enjoy their brand of melodic dubstep is a treat every bass head can appreciate. 

Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi performing in the PNW during festival season is one of the true signals that things are getting back to some level of normal. The legendary Italian producer/DJ has consistently performed in our corner of the continent for years, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You know the hits, you know the remixes, and you know you’ll be singing along to all of them at BOO! this fall.

Boogie T

Brock Thornton (better known as Boogie T) is at an interesting crossroads of EDM. Whether it’s funky, dubstep, hip-hop, or riddim, he plays some of the wonkiest bass you’ll come across. He comes from Louisiana where he was born and raised, but he’s been traversing the country on the festival circuit and his own headlining tours. If crazy beats are what you’re looking for, your search is over.


UK producer and DJ Conrank has spent years in the bass music scene cutting his teeth and refining his sound. After an 8-year residency in China eventually he landed back into his new home base, Los Angeles. Check him out if you’re looking for high-octane bass with a fun kick to it.


Hailing from London, drum and bass artist Dimension knows how to make music with a flair. He’s released music since 2012 and received support from some massive names from the beginning of his career. Collaborating with the likes of Sub Focus and Wilkinson, Dimension is another household UK drum and bass artist to add to the list. Listen to his stellar debut album, Organ, released in 2021.


From Las Vegas to Phoenix to Los Angeles, Drezo has found his way to where he feels the most comfortable: the DJ booth. Born Andre Haglund, the multi-genre artist and former lacrosse state champion has continued to push the boundaries of what’s new and weird in dance music. Not happy with settling for the status quo, Drezo is the kind of artist that keeps dance music evolving and moving forward.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker is a house artist who knows how to keep things simple, even down to using his real name as his stage name. His mix won him the Discovery Project’s title for its second competition six years ago, and he’s been on the move since. Walker’s driving house beats have earned him support from the legend Claude Von Stoke himself, and it’s simple to see why.

Marten Hørger

If you’re looking to catch a good vibe, wander over to Germany-based Marten Hørger. He’s widely known for his flavor of feel-good bass house, and all of the household names know it. From collaborations with Habstrakt, Dr. Fresch, Tchami, and BIJOU, there are plenty of artists who would to go to bat for Hørger, and for good reason. He took off in 2017 and hasn’t looked back, globe-trotting the festival circuit and even hitting a tour stop in Seattle earlier in 2020. We don’t have enough good things to say about the guy, so listen for yourself and make sure to catch his set.

Moobek B2B ACCIA

Local Seattle powerhouses Moobek and ACCIA have teamed up to bring some high-energy electronic to the stage. It’s impossible to tell what we’ll get from them: ACCIA and Moobek have both put out a wide variety of everything from dubstep to house and in between. They both have unique origins, as well.

ACCIA, originally from South Korea, is a classically trained pianist who transitioned to DJ’ing-producing and toured Asia, opening for Steve Aoki, Vicetone, and more. Moobek has spent over two decades in the industry and has dabbled in both hip-hop and EDM, appearing alongside T-Pain, Nate Dogg, A-Trak, and Party Favor.

Whatever their set turns out to be, it’s sure to be a good time so don’t miss it!

Pauline Herr

Chances are, you’ve heard Pauline Herr as a vocalist. She’s covered some of our favorite tracks on Porter Robinson’s Nurture, and a track by Chelsea Cutler. But she’s broken out in the last few years to begin producing new material, heavily influenced by indie-electronic and pop sounds. She played her first big gig at Brownies & Lemonade early 2021 and there is no stopping her now.


Portland-based artist REDRUM, also known as Tatiana Tindall, has been making music since a teenager after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. What began as her outlet for the challenging times that she went through, quickly became a career. She’s since been featured on WAKAAN and Subsidia for her bewitching bass sounds.


Looking for a classic dubstep set? Look no further than RUSKO. A legend in the scene, he’s been a pioneer of bringing dubstep to the US for decades. Immerse yourself in the culture and get educated on all things dubstep, grime, and drum and bass, because RUSKO is here to deliver.

Said the Sky

Colorado’s Trevor Christensen, also known as Said The Sky, has turned his classical instrumental background into some of the most enjoyable melodic bass in the business. Every good festival has some fan-friendly melodic bass, and Said The Sky’s brand of music couldn’t be more perfect to fit the bill. Savvy bass fans will likely make Said The Sky’s set one of the most attended of the weekend, especially if they witnessed his set at Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge in 2021. 


Another bass artist specializing in the weird and wonky, check out Steller from Miami. Many of her releases are on the Insomniac-run Bassrush Records. Forward-thinking and sure to make you move, check out Steller as an up-and-coming artist that commands attention.


Martin Joseph Léonard Bresso, better known by his stage name Tchami, is quickly becoming a worldwide star in EDM. He’s spent the better part of a decade releasing his particular brand of house music, commonly called future house. The Parisian producer and DJ has plenty to his brand with an onstage uniform of a clerical collar and black shirt, typically using visuals like an altar and stained glass windows.

Year Zero, his debut album, came out late 2020 and we still have it on repeat. It’s an excellently-produced album all the way through the vocals to the beats.


Dance music legend. Global superstar. One of the first artists that come to mind when EDM is brought up in pop culture. Regular at the Gorge. All of these things describe Tiësto. He’s earned awards from nearly every dance music group giving them out, and even has a Grammy Award. The Dutchman’s list of accomplishments, like being the first DJ to perform on stage at the Olympics in 2004, is nearly as long as his list of awards. He’s undeniably helped shape dance music into what it is today, and will continue to shape its future.


Minneapolis duo TWINSICK has found their niche in remixing popular songs to a house beat. Although they’ve only been producing music together since 2019, they have amassed millions of plays and shifted focus to releasing originally-produced tracks. We’ve yet to see them in the PNW, so we are excited for a taste of their set.

Vintage Culture

Brazilian artist Lukas Ruiz, better known as Vintage Culture, is a dance music force of nature. He has more than 1.5 billion streams online and was nominated as one of the “30 under 30” industry leaders by Forbes. Ruiz also has the honor of being an artist invited to perform a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. His brand of house music is uplifting and melodic, and a definite can’t-miss for BOO!


Hailing from Centralia, Washington, Wolfstax represents the region in releasing what he wants. It could be a house cover of a Sublime track, or an original house track. If you had the energy, you may have caught him at the Gorge during 2022’s Beyond Wonderland. He certainly fits the bill of a PNW producer: quirky and intriguing, but full of intricate basslines to keep it interesting.


Few artists can serve up bass as fierce and fresh as Wreckno. As a 24-year-old just beginning to capitalize on the momentum he’s gaining, he’s clear that he does things his way. He’s been outspoken on his sexuality as a queer man, and his music is all about self-expression and originality. As he continues to add onto his artist image through more elaborate stage presentation and his own vocal capabilities, it’s clear that anyone standing in his way should move.

Saturday, October 29


Looking for a trap set to let loose to? You’re in luck, because 4B is locked and loaded. He’s already spent over a decade in the scene, picking up support from dance music titans like Skrillex, Diplo, and DJ Snake.

If you’re something of a festival veteran yourself, you may remember the 2015 glory days when his track Pop Dat swept the nation. It continues to be a hit today, proving trap’s lengthy shelf life. Relive the glory days with 4B and get ready for a blast of a set.

Alan Walker

Reaching heights that many artists only dream about before he’d hit the age of 20, Alan Walker continues to be one of the bright young stars leading the way for the future of dance music. At 23, he has headlined several tours, released an album, and has one of the most impressive runs of releases in the industry. Plus, he’s homies with Hans Zimmer.


Biicla has all the indicators of success in the US: He’s a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer. From his small hometown in Russia across the water to the US, he’s beginning to make waves over here as a successful future bass artist with a sprinkle of house. Already receiving support from the kingpins Zeds Dead themselves, Biicla is one to watch because he is going places.

His debut album, Yes Place, was just released a few months ago and it’s kept him high on our radar.

Crystal Skies

You might look at this lineup and ask, where are all of the sadbois? They’re all lining up for Crystal Skies, that’s where. The duo has been a staple on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records, and have consistently made their rounds with Illenium. They also play a damn good set.

They’re no stranger to the PNW, either. They stopped most recently with Dabin at his tour last year, and have played in support of other headlining artists fairly frequently in our region. If you’re particularly looking for a feels-y mix, throw on Seven Lions’ third The Observatory mix, featuring Crystal Skies.

DJ Kutt

Seattle’s very own Michael Smith, also known as DJ Kutt, is coming to the stage for BOO! as well. We aren’t entirely sure what to expect, and relatively little is known about him. His last release on SoundCloud is dated seven years ago, so our guess will be as good as anyone’s. All we know is that our local scene goes off, and we’re excited to show him some love.

Eli Brown

Groove with world renowned (and self-taught) house artist Eli Brown at BOO! this year. He’s perfectly engineered to take over the house scene, with commanding beats and energy that feels both frenetic and controlled at the same time. Brown takes a stab at dark house music that can fill clubs and warehouses, and he delivers every single time throughout his expansive discography.


Doing dubstep to make Seattle proud comes ENDR. For the last seven hears, he’s been unleashing some insane mashups and opening for some of the biggest names in bass. These include Adventure Club, RUSKO, Getter, and more. His live mixes sound like a blast and we’re sure that his set for BOO! will be no exception.

Gene Farris

Another major house legend, Gene Farris, will be coming through Seattle as well. He’s well into his third decade in the music business, beginning in the early 90’s era of Chicago warehouse raves. From the beginning, he’s been on the forefront of musical boundaries, consistently defining his sound.


If the name HI-LO is unfamiliar to you, maybe the name Oliver Heldens strikes a memory. The legendary producer Oliver Heldens has been creating music on his side project, showcasing his heaviest techno. The project has taken him to a new height as a producer, and the people cannot get enough of it.

IT HZ (CHEE x Jon Casey)

A duo worth the watch: CHEE and Jon Casey. South African producer CHEE rocketed onto the bass scene. His innovative experimental bass and production skills put him on the Zeds Dead-run Deadbeats label, and his career has taken off. Jon Casey, also from South Africa, has become also highly regarded due to the breadth of music he puts out. You can tell that everything he’s released represents who he is as an artist.

Together, they make up the IT HZ duo. They’ve been releasing music together for the last six years in congruence with their solo projects. Whether together or separate IT HZ is definitely an act that should be on your “must watch” list.

Jauz (Off the Deep End)

One of the most successful alumni of the Icon Collective producing school in Los Angeles, Jauz, has captivated the nation. Sam Vogel, the man behind the project, blew up quickly after he began showing off his talent. His live sets are always a blast, partly because of his energy from the stage. But another part of the reason is because his sets have no boundaries, and belong to no specific genre.

His “Off the Deep End” sets are reserved for the highest-octane of house music, guaranteed to get you dancing. Vogel treated Seattle to this set last year, and it was a blast.

Jessica Audiffred

The Queen of bass music has arrived, and her name is Jessica Audiffred. She’s risen through the ranks of her hometown in Mexico City and unleashed a prominent dubstep name for herself. Skrillex’s Nest HQ imprint has referred to her as a “taste maker, and soon to be a major staple in the global dance scene.” As a frequent visitor to the PNW, we are regularly spoiled with her top notch bass.


We’ve been big fans of Kendoll for a long time. The Seattle-native who’s currently based out of Los Angeles has been on a steady rise since the outset of her career, and we couldn’t be happier watching her successes continue to compound. Releasing tunes on labels like Night Bass Records, Insomniac Records, Psycho Disco, and more, her brand of bass house is gaining notoriety. Performing at festivals in the past like Nocturnal Wonderland, EDC Las Vegas, and plenty of Gorge stops over the years, we can’t wait to see what she has in store now.

Kill the Noise

Jake Stanczak, better known as Kill the Noise, is fresh off his 2022 debut album during an electric career. His bread and butter was originally strictly dubstep, but over the past decade he’s expanded and created a unique body of work that pushes the boundaries of dance music.

Now, he’s fallen in the Seven Lions Ophelia group, and has been delivering the best of the best.

Loud Luxury

Formed in Ontario, Canada, Los Angeles-based duo Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace had their Armada Music debut release in the fall of 2017. Several years later, they’ll be performing at one of the most beautiful venues on the planet. They’ll likely play that Armada release, Body, which now boasts more than 17 million plays on SoundCloud. No stranger to major festivals, Loud Luxury fits right in at Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge 2021.


Some people are destined to be musical artists, and Croatian-raised Matroda is one of them. His classical training in violins, drums, and keyboard lends itself well to his talent now as a producer. He’s sold out shows across the world and picked up a base of adoring fans along the way.

Catch a vibe, listen to some certified house anthems, and have a blast at Matroda.


Emerging from a small town in New Zealand, Montell2099 packs a punch and it’s full of trap and crazy production. In September 2020 he collaborated with Human Person, a lighting and stage design team who have previously worked with Travis Scott and Drake, to create a short film livestream from a small coastal settlement in Aucklund.

He’s now a regular on RL Grime’s Sable Valley label, and is a staple for trap enthusiasts everywhere. From sold-out tours in his home country to the United States, we can’t wait to give Montell2099 a warm welcome.


An icon in the drum and bass sphere, NETSKY is something of a legend. The Belgium-hailing artist’s first release was in 2009 and quickly propelled from there with anthem after anthem. The superstar has been playing to major crowds across the world, but surprisingly his personality is reportedly relaxed. Although he’s well-acclimated to the industry, he shows no signs of letting up. In 2020, his fourth full-length album was released and it was excellent.

Rezz (Nightmare on Rezz Street)

REZZ is a superstar. One of the biggest acts on any lineup she’s featured on, the 26-year-old Canadian has steadily risen through the ranks of dance music throughout her career. Since making her way on OWSLA and Mau5trap, REZZ has managed to perform at the likes of the Gorge, Red Rocks, and more. The fan-favorite has also been featured in documentaries, had her hand in comic books, and toured through the Northwest time and time again.

Just in time for Halloween, the dark, heavy, techy-bass REZZ provides is the perfect way to celebrate this year. Her ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’ mixes have helped thousands kick off the spooky season, and this year we’ll get to see it live. 

Sloane Motion

Another resident of the PNW hailing from Bellevue, Washington, Sloane Motion is an artist to watch. During the pandemic, she quit her sales job to move forward with her professional DJ’ing and shuffling career. When clubs began to re-open, she secured residencies in some of our favorite Seattle clubs. Support another local artist serving up some house at BOO! with Sloane Motion.

Sullivan King

Sullivan King: a combo metal and EDM star. Famous for his screaming, his bromance with fellow bass head Kai Wachi, and throwing some ridiculously powerful sets. He’s been a fan favorite in the PNW, and for good reason. The mashups and frenetic energy (and the long flowing hair) are all signature to his live sets. 


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!