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Borgore Raves About Bass Academy and Seattle During Miami Music Week (Interview)

Borgore on a red background with his hand over his face

You already know Borgore is one of the best in dubstep, and has a way with the ladies. But, did you know that he is a BIG fan of the original Starbucks in Seattle’s Pike Place Market? We caught up with “Daddy” at DiskoLab’s Bass Odyssey during Miami Music Week 2018 to talk about his upcoming performance at the fourth annual Bass Academy, taking place this weekend at the Tacoma Dome- amongst other things (including coffee). One thing we quickly found out: his love for the Pacific Northwest is very real!

Dance Music NW: You’ve been releasing a lot of music to start 2018. It’s like a Borgore track this week, a Borgore track next week. You have those projects with AFK, GG Magree…do you plan on keeping this pace going, because, right now, you’re on fire!

Borgore: Listen- I have records for years. There use to be an era that you would finish a record, and upload it to your Myspace. Upload it to your YouTube. You know, it was simple days.

If it were up to me, there would be a record released every 2-3 days. All I do is sit in the studio, really.

Today, when you want to release a record, you have to plan. You have to send it to the distributor, you have to put it on Spotify. There’s a whole procedure- it’s not like back in the day where you just upload it to soundcloud, and that’s it. Everything is actually slower than I would want it to be.

Dance Music NW: So Buygore, speaking of the whole record label business. What do you hope to accomplish with Buygore this year?

Borgore: For me, Buygore is…it’s my way to be with my ears to the ground. You know, what’s poppin’ essentially; what’s the future? I always want to be on top of what I’m doing. I have an amazing team, and they’re doing an amazing job. What I love about Buygore is we always bring these new kids.

We were very early with a lot of people that are some of the biggest names right now. Anywhere from Carnage, Jauz, Ookay, Dotcom…we were ahead of the curve a lot of the times. I love it. As an artist, it’s just nice to be open to new sounds, you know?

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Dance Music NW: Fast-forwarding things, you’ll be back in our area for Bass Academy! What can fans expect?

Borgore: The thing with the Northwest is, everyone is very into…it’s not commercial. It’s one of the spots in America that’s very ears to the ground. So when I go to Seattle, I like to play the future things- the next sounds, rather than what’s popular in the mainstream.

Last time I went there, I played tons of riddim. Next time, I’m going to be there, I’m going to play a lot of riddim.

I love Seattle because I don’t have to adjust. I can play whatever I want, and I feel like they (the crowd) want me to play whatever I want.

Seattle is one of the first cities in the world, actually, to recognize me. Fucking 2008, or 09, I signed with Shift Records. My first EP ever came out from a Seattle label. Dubstep was always very strong there.

Dance Music NW: Lastly- just going back to Seattle; you’re there a lot! What’s one of your favorite things to do when you’re hanging out in the city?

Borgore: You know, I’ve been to the fish market, and I’ve been to the original Starbucks- maybe 500 times. And I still go there just because I like it. Everytime I’m there, it’s cool to see it!

You also have a pretty fucking cool climbing gym, that I like to go to. You know, Seattle- it’s slowly becoming San Francisco. I feel like a lot of hipsters, and high tech people, move there, because of Amazon. The city is really cool dude- I enjoy being there.

Dance Music NW: What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?

Borgore: Probably the caramel frap.

Dance Music NW: Extra drizzle?

Borgore: Actually, I like the whipped cream!

Bass Academy tickets are still available online, or at the Tacoma Dome box office. Joining Professor Borgore are Zomboy, UZ, Sullivan King, and more of the scene’s finest. Headbangers- will you be joining us for class this weekend? Let us know who you’re excited to see in the comments below!

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